Amazon account banned due to Amazon Gift Card

So I have purchased Amazon Gift Card on Gameflip and successfully redeemed it into my Amazon account wallet.

However after making purchase with the Gift Card, Amazon cancelled my order and banned my account due to problem with the Gift Card used.

What can I do now?

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Hey, if you haven’t done so already, contact our support at, please describe what happened and send our support team any proofs regarding this.

They will start an investigation of this issue.

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HI I have the same problem today, I raised a tkt but is Low priority and I have the Amazon account locked and want to resolve it faster. who can help me?

You guys always blame the sellers for it but most of the time its not. I had a guy one time buying an amazon card from me and then his card was locked after me asking him what he bought he says: Nintendo PS4 giftcard LOL. This is NOT allowed from the Amazon TOS. ITs not our sellers responsibility to make sure the buyer does comply with the TOS of Amazon. So in my case it was 100% the buyers fault which i could proof. So stop always blaming the sellers here. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to buy giftcards with giftcard balance. This falls under money laundering. Just in case you didnt know. Other than that dont buy from anyone who gets the cards from 3rd parties. They must get the cards from Amazon directly.

Hi, this was not te case. I purchased a product not other gift card. I just want help to get this resolved.
Any way, thanks to refresh this so other member wil not fail in problems…

Just make sure you dont buy a giftcard which was purchased by debit or credit card. The reason your card is locked id probably because the buyer did a chargeback so they take the card away from you. Always ask the seller how the card was paid! This is just an advice since i sell Amazon cards myself and i dont have any issues. The problem here is because many sellers here get their cards from unauthorized resellers and not from Amazon directly especially the sellers from China. Anyways just some small advices. Hope your issue gets fixed!

The seller sent me a screenshot. the gift card was purchased with credit/debit card on Oct-02 on wallgreens. this is legal right ?

Hello @Gumies79GF,

Could you please provide me your invite code and the order number that was made so I can take a further look?

God Speed!

He could have done a chargeback though. This is why i said do NEVER purchase Amazon giftcards which were purchased by credit card. A legit seller purchases them by cash! And if cash paid there can not be a chargeback.

Hello, in regards to purchasing other store outlet gift cards with amazon gift card balance, it WAS against the Amazon TOS prior to 2015. The ToS has been changed since, and in early 2016, Amazon has allowed users to use Amazon Gift cards to purchase gift cards from other store outlets. I’ve ran this through with Amazon customer support, and they’ve confirmed it was allowed. On top of that, I’ve purchased other gift cards from other stores before using Amazon gift card balance without any issues.

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Thats is absolutely not true! Please inform yourself more. Open the live chat and confirm it with them. It counts as MONEY laundering. In no industry is it allowed to purchase a giftcard with a giftcard!! some might be lucky but some might not and gets banned, read the information in their TOS its even written in their official TOS which you cant fake. So stop spreading such nonsense here. Because of you people will get their accounts banned dude.

Hey bro, I understood that your client was purchased a Amazon gift cards from you, and he tried to buy in the Amazon marketplace another gift cards and that’s the reason why Amazon banned his account???

I don’t know how is you can offer amazon cards with 14-18% of disscount, but I read a lot of disscussions about Amazon Gift cards start with AQ code.

this happened today again with 2 new gift cards that my friends have pending to redeem ( same seller reported and pruchase window to evaluate seller cloese.

In spite ofr the money will/could be back to my balance, my friends are not able to log in Amazon account never.

I have had the same problem today I purchased a $500 Amazon voucher and within one hour of redeeming code I received an email from Amazon stating they have cancelled my order revoked my $500 credit and if I persist in violating the terms and conditions on gift codes by Amazon account will be closed permanently riotgiftcards can you ok me for a screenshot of email I received please

I agree with @Fairness. The buyers do a lot of dumb stuff like opening accounts after getting old accounts banned by amazon or ordering gift cards and digital items with gc balance which is STRICTLY PROHIBITED by amazon’s gift cards terms of service. After that they turn to us vendors and block funds in disputes which take forever to be solved (disputes team must be overwhelmed).

I asked before and suggested this on the forum: Please create an option for vendors that allows us to only sell to buyers with a certain amount of PRE-EXISTING succesfull transactions on Gameflip. I don’t want to sell to buyers that don’t know how to use what they’re buying and open disputes on me anymore. I don’t want to sell to new accounts or low number of transactions buyers. We should have options that allow us to filter buyers that see our listings available.


@Ryanh send me a private message here on the forum with the screenshot and also your Gameflip order ID. If there was a bad code or anything like that i’ll make sure you get a refund.

@hahnliang what exactly did you order? by any chance any other digital item or gift card? If you did that it’s not the vendor’s fault. He sold you a good gift card and you broke amazon’s terms of service.

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Hey everyone!

As informed by @DunnBiscuit, if you have further problems like this, please contact the support team using the link below with proof and an explanation regarding your issue.

They will get your issue verified and investigate as soon as possible.

Also, keep in mind that we are always verifying your ideias and passing them on to the team to see what can be implemented :wink: So stay tuned!

Since this type of issue needs to be addressed to the Support Team for further investigation, I will close this topic.

Have an awesome day everyone!

God Speed! :trident: