Suggestion [Amazon Gift Card Buying]

Hi, hope you all enjoying selling and buying on Gameflip.
My suggestion about buying Amazon Gift Card is that whenever you buy Amazon gift Card first contact Amazon Customer Support through live chat and ask them about the code you bought. Because most of Seller buy Amazon Gift Card through fake credit cards or Stolen Cards. Which means these cards shows balance when we try to redeem. But after few hours our Amazon account block due to use of invalid gift cards.
So Always first use Amazon Live Chat to confirm that gift card is legal and safe to use.
No one sell amazon gift card in less price than orignal because its most selling item in category of Gift Cards.
So if you bought it, its most likely you are going to be a victim of scam. Even you redeem it correctly at time of buying you would still have high percent of chance getting your account block.
Bye, Have Safe Buying and Selling.



You will going to be banned if you put random links on people’s posts. Be careful

He is here to spam those links only lol

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Yes, that’s kinda scam or something.

Thanks for the tip!

Becareful from Scammers bro! good luck.

Simply just don’t buy it. Since you buy it from 3rd party, you violate Amazon gift card policy. Amazon has various reason to take the card. They even took my card purchased in cash. I came across a representative stole my cards

you can create multiple type of amazon gift card Just go to GENERATE AMAZON GIFT CARD