Help me my amazon balance withheld and acct locked

I have purchased 2 x $500 Amazon gift card from the seller, “Game play shop” a week ago. Now, these 2 GCs are withheld after three days.

I redeemed it immediately, and it worked. So I completed the transaction.
But I haven’t used balance for a week except for one pre-order (air pod pro) amount of 234.99.
Yesterday I received an email that my account has been locked for some reason.

Here’'s an email that i got from Amazon.

I tried online chat several times, and the agent said I have an issue with the recent 2 GC ($1000.00) i need to call Amazon for this issue because my account has been locked already.
So I called Amazon, explain to them that I got this gift card from my friend.
The agent said I need to provide receipts that purchased properly.
Few hours later, I got this email.
They won’t ship my order including pending order.

it’s about USD1,100.00 amount including the order currently pending.

  • Withheld amount: $500.00 + $355.09
  • Pending amount: $251.98

Please help me.
I was trying to save some money for my family gifts, and everything has been messed up. :frowning:

P.S I registered 2 tickets on gameflip.


My Code: 2NSMC1


Got scammed exactly the same way as you did. Amazon did nothing, since I could not provide any receipts, and Gameflip closed my ticket because I did not provide enough “proof” that I had an issue with those Gift Cards.

They banned Nintendo eShop codes, they should also do the same for Amazon credit, as there are just too many scammers selling stolen codes.

Ouch! This is painful to read. Sorry for your losses people. Gameflip support need to ban all scammers permanently. This is disgraceful. Currently someone trying to scam me but I have proof. I can’t believe these people have no guilt or remorse for their actions

I am very frustrated by this, because i have ordered many items on Amazon, now i have to resolve single stuff with the Amazon Agent.

I hope Gameflip do something for my issue.
Since this, it became very suspicious to to purchase any further GC, even the seller had higher rate.
Of course 1100USD is quite big amount, and it cost much more to me to handle these and those because the waste of my time to resolve this.

Gameflip should have some kind of system to filter the scammer.
I am still wating for answer from Gameflip, and this will be very hassle.

The guy is still selling GC on Gameflip, and i do not have any way to reach him, because gameflip close the message after transaction completed.

what a mess. :frowning:

I havent got any words yet
What is really going on?

Stop buying gift cards from the sellers that sell them cheap. Something is obviously wrong there no one is giving away free money.

I did many research on the forums, and check many times.
Thought it was okay to purchase, since the seller had good rate.

Even after redeemed, I contact Amazon Account manager to ask my GC is legit.
They told me GCs do not have any issues at the time.

@xenerationz i’m going to help you. Amazon most of the time holds the balance for large gift card claims, especially if it’s a new account, or if you claimed an unusual amount or value of gift cards. OR if you attempt to buy other gift cards! DO NOT attempt to do that in the future. Buying cards on their platform using your gc balance is prohibited by their TOS and you will loose your account or balance eventually.

Please follow these steps:

  • ask the seller to provide the gift cards snapshots and the receipts snapshots
  • reply to the e-mail received from address-verification with the cards and receipts and write this:

"This e-mail is a formal complaint, i’m sending this e-mail to you and all possible amazon support teams.
I attached the receipts and gift cards snapshots, i received these gift cards from a friend and i did not break any terms and conditions, the message you sent me is an error. Please unblock my gift cards balance as soon as possible.

send as a reply to address-verification and also and - to all at the same time, same e-mail.

For some of them you will receive a message that they don’t accept incoming e-mail - don’t worry it still works and they will still read your e-mail.

I see your account very new,
if you are buying from amazon and sending it to different addresses
if you are trying to buy other gift cards with gift card balance
Amazon withheld all gift card balance. and closes your account
if you are sure that you didint brake amazon gift card terms
share last 5 orders screenshots gameflip admins will check it
if problem with gift cards amazon supports notes your this codes was investigation.

Hey, I just wanted to ask if the Amazon gift cards you sell can be used by someone in the Philippines.

I’m using the website, and although it’s US-based, I don’t know if the restriction is on where the owner of the account actually is instead of just the website.

If you respond, thanks in advance!

As long as you provide a valid US Adress, and remember it(sometimes Amazon Support asks you the billing address) you can use the gift cards, for a better security verification you have to add a Credit or Debit Card(international Cards work).

If Amazon blocks your account password and you have no Card or Address registered you can say goodbye to the Gift Card Balance.

Thank you for the reply. Seems like this won’t be available for me.

You can buy with parcel forwarding. Look into it.

Hi, i want to share my experienced, i have been trading over a years with Amazon and have a lot of backfire happened, codes redeemed successfully but after few days my account has been closed because card/code has been fraudulently carded (using stolen card to buy amazon code) we are on the marketplace, not on the direct store, so every move/transaction we do here there’s a risk, if you buy some amazon gift card/code to someone meaning they are re-selling, re-selling is good as long as you have trusted supplier etc, but gameflip discourage you to do that

For buyers here is a tip. as you a first time buyer or have some suspicious when buying amazon, you can comment to seller first to their listings and ask if they could provide the ACTUAL GIFT CARD with the RECEIPT on it that PAID VIA CASH, If the gift card code starts at AQ and that is paid via cash make sure the gift card # matches to the receipt upon purchased. That is completely safe for the buyer, because a gift card that paid via cash is irreversible on all stores (unless it required by law)

Note : If amazon account get closed after redeeming some codes before, it’s most likely that code has been used/redeemed was made from stolen gift card or some say call “carded” (the real owner of card file a dispute/chargeback to merchant)

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