Amazon gift card balance on hold

@superdealgc I didn’t write Gameflip anything different to be honest. They have most of the communication from me between Amazon, it turned into a 12 page printed ticket. Plus, they we’re also able to look into our conversation on Gameflip! I also told them twice you were cooperative.

this is not fair!

@superdealgc I fully understand your point of view. Ultimately it was Gameflip’s decision however, about which I (of course) have nothing bad to say either, as they have helped me each time there were any kind of trouble. They had 2 weeks to look into everything I provided and the chat between you and me. Since it’s their trading platform one should think and hope everything will be thoroughly looked through before they make a decision. But, I understand that selling and buying gift cards is a very tricky affair, for the seller, the buyer as well as the trading platform.

It’s really unfair, He voided amazon terms and conditions

@Ali_Uwaish That’s right, but because of the following!!!

We have closed your account and canceled all outstanding orders.

We took these actions because either the Amazon Gift Card or the Amazon Gift Card balance you are using is in violation of our Terms and Conditions. We cannot reissue the gift card or reimburse you for these funds. For further details, we suggest that you contact the party who sold or gave you the gift card.

Please note that buying gift cards by unauthorized third parties, and sold or transfer-for-value of gift cards is a violation of our terms.

You can find more information on the Help page:

This is still not resolved (still finding a solution with the seller) but now i have a new problem, i just bought PSN $100 USD, order 487d1f0b-2e4e-426d-bbd6-24a0ab5cbeda and the code is invalid, i opened a dispute, now i will have to wait a max of 5 days for the seller to respond PlayStation Cards , im just tired of having to wait and wasting money and time is this issues, between this problem and the amazon one i am more than 370USD short, this is no joke @MajorTom, it is getting ridiculous and dangerous, can you do something and just cancel my new order 487d1f0b-2e4e-426d-bbd6-24a0ab5cbeda please?, Thank you.

You probably won’t get a response till Monday. There is no support on weekends.


We need to be fair with both the buyer and seller. The five days countdown was set so the buyer and seller would try to solve the issue between them before escalating it. After checking that the code is indeed invalid and due to the lack of communication from the seller, I have canceled the transaction for you.

@MajorTom, yes, i saw the cancellation, thank you, i havent received paypal notification of the refund yet though, or wallet balance (paypal was used as payment method)

@Hirox check your PM

@riotgiftcards done

@Hirox fully refunded until we find out what caused his problem. Riotgiftcards is not here to cheat anyone!

Thank you @riotgiftcards!

Did your account get reinstated on Amazon @wds2007 ? My concern is using these dodgy gift cards leading to a suspension. So far, I have only noted that you are suspended after reading all these gift card purchases

Amazon let you buy the gift card with balance that so they can suspend your account in the future. You are just naive when they let you buy a few times.

Also Amazon is totally a b*tch when it comes to gift card. They suspended my account and refused to look at the receipt although I just bought a wrist watch

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