Seller is scammer or doing wrong his name "All gift card"

Seller is scammer or doing wrong his name “All gift card”
Hello everybody.
So here is my story.
I found good deal on amazon gift card 500$ for 400 from seller “All gift card”
So i bought one gift card and was able to work out with seller he send me few codes 200 100 50 value some of them was not working but seller resend them to me. Also i did noticed that after i loaded some gift card to my balance i was notified if i want to say thank You for gift card to few different people. That look strange for me and i was afraid gift card might be stolen and my account would be locked with amazon. But since i finally got 500$ gift card i decided to buy another same 500 card.
Since i was afraid card might be stolen i did create another account with amazon.
So after i bought 500$ card for 395 and recived card KS74AH4NGB4GA3
i got message from amazon that card is loaded to someones else account.
I did provide screenshot to seller.
Seller ask me if i use another amazon account - i did confirm that is correct, i have nothing to hide and was ohnest with seller.
But seller told me since i use second account i am cheater and i have to forgot about money.
I open resolution dispute with Gameflip and they confirm if i have few accounts they wouldnt help me.
So this is my story people i bought 2 cards 500 each from one seller at 795$ and got only 500.
U know if you want to much u cant get Zero.
I did check his feedback and found some gift card was recall by Amazon and people lost money so i am not the only one.
One again his name is All gift card
So think twice if you want to deal with him.
Also people if anybody from u recived yesterday gift card code KS74AH4NGB4GA3 . please comment here you would confirm that seller sold me used amazon gift card.
I belive there some reliable sellers so i would try to find them

That user is me, why don’t you send the trade captures? for everyone to see what kind of person you are. I sold you $ 500 first and you still don’t pay them to me. The second trade you disputed. send the evidence to support and they closed that trade.

I am the only user, who has an open post, where I will attend to all the people who buy me and that for some reason or another the code is revoked. I give them a replacement so they don’t lose money. Because I am not here to scam anyone.

what kind of evidence should i have ? the card is nor usable.
I did explain you that i would close first sale after amazon would ship my order since i read your feadback and saw amazon can cancel gift card. I am human who afraid and it is normal. But you just scam me or made mistake and dont want to take responsibility.
You ask me about evidence? How can you explain that few cards didnt work during our first sale? you was prety comfartable with that. But as soon as i told i used that card at 2 account u decided to cheat me u see opportunity not to send valid card. Hmm maybe you did this before maybe you afraid same as me. But i know i dont get this card and lost money SIR

if you would send code to people they wouldnt left negative fedback Sir

If I was afraid as he says why does he open another trade? A person with fear. Wait for your order to be completed as you say and then open another shop. stop cheating people

Hey friend i did explaine i wait for order shipped from amazon.
What i know i paid 1 time if i want cheat i would cheat 1 time not second
I did payed and dont get gift card
You did send few wrong card before so u dont know which card is working and which not
The fact i use second account is my buisness and it is not reason to scam me
The fact us you simply said i am scammer and even dont make a trial to investigate if card was wrong or not that is why i belive you know it was wrong
In case if you are not scammer just made a mistake i dont want to take responsibility for your mistake but i believe people have to know Truth about you - if problem come - you would set up people to cover your back
P.S. Even thou i didnt recieved second card i would complete 1 transaction as soon as amazon ship and deliver my order since i am the man of WORD ( you dont know what that mean but other do)

0 transactions you have :joy: I have no problem, you received my codes more than 24 hours ago and you still don’t pay.

Check with Gameflip it is paid. They just dont release payment yet.
u can blame that i have 0 transaction before but u teach me not to trust people.
So i made this post people think twice before deal with…

Gameflip does not steal from anyone. and you don’t release because you don’t want to. that talks about who you are

friend you taking trash - i confirm first gift card recived so just wait few more hours before gameflip release order or i recived package from amazon and close sale.
IF you your gift card not stolen you dont have to be afraid.
You better expalin if you do legite buisness and not scam why you send so many wrong codes? Why those codes ask to say thank you to different people?

Hi, i want to share my experienced, i have been trading over a year with Amazon and have a lot of backfire happened, codes redeemed successfully but after few days my account has been closed because card/code has been fraudulently carded (using stolen card to buy amazon code) we are on the marketplace, not on the direct store, so every move/transaction we do here there’s a risk, if you buy some amazon gift card/code to someone meaning they are re-selling, re-selling is good as long as you have trusted supplier etc, but gameflip discourage you to do that

For buyers here is a tip. as you a first time buyer or have some suspicious when buying amazon, you can comment to seller first to their listings and ask if they could provide the ACTUAL GIFT CARD with the RECEIPT on it that PAID VIA CASH, make sure the gift card # matches to the receipt upon purchased. That is completely safe for the buyer, because a gift card that paid via cash is irreversible on all stores (unless it required by law)

Note : If amazon account get closed after redeeming some codes before, it’s most likely that code has been used/redeemed was made from stolen gift card or some say call “carded” (the real owner of card file a dispute/chargeback to merchant)