Amazon fake Gift cards from seller PPA

Please look into my issue and refund. Please let me know if you need any more details.

Hey! Check out this awesome item I found on Gameflip: NOT FOR SALE - Not buy from PPA seller all fake Amazon Gift cards.

I saw your listing, you got scammed or what is the problem you faced?

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Yes, that guy is trying to sell used amazon gift codes. Gameflip cancelled it and refunded my amount. Thanks a lot.

Sorry for being late in reply, super deal seller? is the guy that apparently scammed you? that guy is already banned? can you provide its profile link? to seek the seller

I bought this item and messaged him and he asked me ready to redeem the code, i said yes - immediately. but waited more than 4-6 hours and was saying i didn’t respond him. Waste guy- he cancelled transaction by saying defective item and blocked me, also he listed more items. I don’t know about others.Definitely I’m blocking him.Because of him I converted my $'s to FLP, now I can’t do other way, I need to look who will sell by accepting FLP’s.

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