Is the seller Panda Company here?

I need help with this seller, purchased 2 amazon codes and after a few days the code is not working anymore but the gameflip rating system rated anyways
He has a good rep, thats why i asking to chat with him here or via skype to replace those codes, i guess he selled the codes anywhere else


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If the transaction has been completed and you didn’t escalate/dispute the codes there is probably nothing that can be done. But ill tag mods and maybe they can help you @MajorTom @DarkKnight

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If he is an honest seller he will answer like SteamPumpkin did in the past when a code failed or something happened

I have the phone number do you want it by private message?

You can contact through whatsapp

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Please! thank you usergx

You should actually redeem it, if revoked you can open case of support

Also best seller to buy amazon codes are @riotgiftcards

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The code is for a friend, not for me

Thank you for spreading the love @Ali_Uwaish me and @Geronimo_Castreje already know each other:)

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Yeap! at that time riot had only 200-500usd cards!

Hello everyone,

As said before, we do not allow “Conducting Sales Outside of Gameflip”, since we are not able to provide guarantee in anyway, since there will be no proof in our platform so we could verify.

Hey @Geronimo_Castreje,

In cases like these, please send us a ticket so we could help you out further and contact the seller for you with proof that your codes stopped working after you redeemed them. Now, if it is the case that you did not test the code, we recommend opening a dispute next time and escalating the issue to the support team.

As stated in our instructions, Guidelines, and FAQ, clicking “Complete Transaction” finalizes the sale and transfers the funds to the seller which makes refunding you directly from the seller not possible .

If you experience any issues with a purchase, please place the transaction under review by selecting “Hold transaction and open issue”. This is located underneath the “Complete Transaction” button. This will stop the three-day automatic Complete Transaction countdown and let us work towards a resolution.

God Speed! :trident:

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Thats the case, i didnt test the code until the last day and it was already rated, i dont want to buy from him outside gf, i dont do that because is not safe, but well…i cannot contact this guy anywhere and he doesnt have any products at sale right now to chat

Read my post

I think that Panda Company is related to a scammer… I have no proof but it is very suspicous indeed

Yep Riotgiftcards has been good so far on the card I bought last week

I think this panda company guy needs you to redeem the code in the exact moment that you receive it, so…stolen codes or something, for sure

Two simple rules and everything should go smooth, you should buy codes only from verified users that provide auto-delivery option and don’t pressure you to redeem the code.

Third simple rule and most of you won’t agree with this, cheap codes are a red flag, yes cheaper might work a couple times but eventually you will get into trouble. 90% of cheap codes are not legit, especially if a seller has a consistency in providing cheap codes. That’s a red flag.

Mmm he is verified on gameflip with 99% of good rating, prices are kinda normal, but idk, â– â– â– â–  happens

i have 1 day delivery mate and all keys are sent in less than 15 min always so that point u got there buy from auto delivery makes 0% seance, bc the time to delivery have nothing to do with bad sellers, and to your 2 point i sell cheap keys and all are legit if buyer ask for receipt im always happy to provide them, so next time talk about your self not all stores on this site

I recommend everyone not to buy from panda company

He probably won’t help if balance hold

He ask everyone to complete transaction immediately, he will block if doesn’t complete