What happened to this seller lyskayshop? user is no longer available!


He sells gift cards for various stores and offers great prices sometimes. He had more than 2000 positive feedback and has been selling here for months.

@DunnBiscuit Can any mod please inform us of what happened to his account and why was it deleted?

I know it may not be our business to ask, but considering I have $275 worth of gift cards in my inventory from him that hasn’t already been resold/redeemed (im a reseller), I think I have the right to know what his situation is and whether the gift cards I have now are still valid and not in a danger of being revoked/redeemed.

I bought at least $3500 worth of gift cards from him before and never had a single problem with any of them.

Ouch I used to buy Amazon cards from them too.

I hope everything okay with them. They was one of my favorite seller.
They been a member for a long time plus had aton of good rating

Lucy :heart:

Yes I purchased from him too. I have heard that many people complained and claimed that the amazon gift card which they bought from him has been revoked and claimed as fraud and the affected people Tried to contact him in order to replace their code but the seller did not respond … Maybe that could be the reason’, I do not know

Due to some reports about the codes he is selling his account was suspended (therefore, you can’t find it). That’s all I know so far.

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yes I guessed the same… I saw something suspicious … and Luckily I just bought nintendo eshop code from him… I think they are not reversible

Use all codes. Otherwise you will be scammed too

I saw him last night selling RL keys. I feel bad for him. I am sure he had big amount of money in his wallet. Most of the times the issue is not in the seller, it is in the supplier selling duplicated or keys bought with stolen credit cards.

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What do I do in case any of my previous gift cards gets revoked? I bought more than $3000 of Amazon gift cards from him and some of them haven’t been redeemed as of this moment.

try to redeemed some and see if are working. Buying codes from not official sources to reseller is always risk, you should buy only for personal use.

Contact Amazon Support you can check codes with them.

I think that is in you. This site is very risky as many so you would have bought for personal purpose

This guy scammed me! After I redeemed a $100 Amazon card from him the funds were “withheld” from my account weeks later.

yes that is sad

How long does ut take Amazon to with held the money or can they wait forever then do it?

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I’m not sure how long they can wait but mine was taken away 3 weeks after I redeemed it.

Do you know why was it stole or used stole card to buy them did Amazon say anything?

I may have to use all the money I got from him so I dont lose it but im scared to rush to use it if they’re all good codes. Im was using this cards to save Amazon for later

Lucy :heart:

I am still waiting on a response from Amazon support to see exactly what happened with the card. I redeemed a few cards from Gameflip so I tested each one and the one sold from Iyskayshop gave this error when I re-entered it

For all the other codes it says I checked for that error online and some people say he might have reported the card stolen to get a refund and have the card de-activated. Since his account is suspended and other people are having issues with him I would use the cards to be safe. You could buy gift card codes for Xbox or PSN or anything and resell them on Gameflip to get your money back if you don’t want to spend it all now.

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I hate to day this but I need to spend my money on something before its go away maybe.

Im not into selling things or dealing with buyer who want a item Im selling so I guess im going to have to buy 1 bug ticket item or a few middle prices ones.

If you fet a email with Amazon answer can you tell me so I know what going on. Thanks

Lucy :heart:

Okay I will let you know what I hear from Amazon.

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Ok, so I went to redeem the rest of his gift cards on my own account to avoid problems, and this is what happened:

$50 - Says “Claim code locked” and I can’t redeem it.
$50 - Activated successfully.
$100 - Says “Already redeemed to another account”.

What do I do now? I opened a support ticket #404598.