What happened to this seller lyskayshop? user is no longer available!




Even if you spend it they can still revoke it from your account, I’ve had that happen on here.

I also never got a refund, because that was 2017 when support was always busy and poorly automated. My best advice is to just buy only from Steam Pumpkin unless you are wiling to take a risk.


You can spend it and get an item instantly (for example buying a gift card from amzn like nintendo, psn,…etc which is always automatic delivery after you purchase) in that way it would be hard for them to revoke and you can sell these codes you bought from amazon here.


So this seller now he has totally vanished. I have bought plenty of stuff from him. Apart from apple store cards and a macy card that were revoked it was generally f9 experience. I recently bought some gamestop codes from him and I am now sweating on their balance. Checking daily. I just bought them so I can get discounted games or maybe some hardware in the near future. But these cards are worth around 600$ and cost me close to 450$. So far they are ok but man I cant wait for any switch limited edition bundle to be announced ( fingers crossed for yoshi crafted world )and dump the balance on that


They banned the user.

Im in the same boat at you. I got so many Amazon cards from them too. Im scared now. I hate Nintendo only let you put 200$ on your account maximum. Im hoping they have a mini or a special Nintendo Switch soon. I want to spend the money before it may get removed but i already got alot for my Switch atm.


I bought a nintendo eshop card worth in 50 from him… do you think it will be revoked?


We still don’t fully understand the full situation.

Everyone scared being one of the biggest sellers on gameflip has been suspended due to “some” reports on there cards.

I hope gameflip gives us a briefing on the situation because people are starting to get super worried.

The user did sell alot if gift cards for a long time over months / a year so who knows what he will do and what was legit.

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I suggest you guys to create tickets for issues you have regarding these gift cards.

I can’t give you a simple answere because every case is a different case and the support team will assess every situation.

If you try to redeem any codes, regardless of the seller, and you have issues, or your code is revoked, deactivated, etc, open a suppor ticket and send every information you have about the subject:


Thank you.


Problem is that it the codes that I have bought are well past gameflip’s 3day return policy. Is there any specific guarantee to cover for revokes codes well past those initial 3days?


I hope so because sites would need to still cover people if the seller used stolen codes or stolen credit cards to buy these codes then try reselling them. Im assuming sites would have to cover people too if the seller revoked or deactivated or etc codes after people bought them.

Being after you bought the code from the seller the code is in theory your and not the seller no more.

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Usually purchases of codes revoked are rescinded even past the 3 days guarantee.

But for that, the support team will askf for solid evidence about the code being revoked.

As said, every case is a different case, so open a support ticket and the support team will help you further. If you need further assistance with any case, ping me via pm, thank you.


I finally received a response from Amazon about the card. They said it was “suppressed due to unauthorized activity”. I’m not sure what that means exactly but some of Iyskayshop’s codes are definitely no good.


I’m sorry this happening to you but I’m happy you keep me up to date with information because it may happen to me and other but in the end I will do what you did with Amazon and gameflip to make sure I get my money back if it happening to me too.

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@DunnBiscuit His account is back live! What’s his situation now? Is everything solved with him? update us please.

Also im still waiting for a reply to my ticket #404598 regarding the used and locked codes and there’s no way for me to message the seller.


He is repented lol


I guess he will be suspended again :joy:


There is no big “news” that I can tell tbh. After the investigation was completed, the team could unsuspend him. He is a good seller, so he colaborated with the investigation and he will be triple checking any codes to avoid issues.

As said, any issues with any cards, regardless of the seller (even Steam Pumpkin has issues), contact the support team so they can provide further help.


I answered your ticket.

Thank you.

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