What happened to the seller DCMINSF?


Seller name is DCMINSF and is his profile says user not found:

Too bad he was a great source of Xbox gift cards and they were legit and work for a long time!
Can he reply to us and let us know what happened? hopefully we see him back.

Oh nooo he was such a good seller everything I bought from him was legit and worked for a long time

Probably banned/suspended.

I know, that’s why I was hoping for him to see this thread and let us know what happened. His stuff are legit and works so it’s confusing as to why his account got suspended. I hope we don’t lose him.

He got suspended for selling forbidden things i guess.

Hey everyone!

In this case, the user was suspended temporarily for selling forbidden items, such as accounts.

Don’t worry, this seller will be back soon :wink:

Let’s hope this user does not commit anymore violations.

God Speed! :trident:

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Thank you so much, you made me so happy!

He’s the dominant Xbox gift card seller on your platform, so it would be a big loss for everyone if he’s gone.

Looking forward to his return.