I got banned for selling gift cards

So I listed my gift card for AMC theaters and sold it, after few hours my account got BANNED. Apparently
I sold forbidden item. I dont know in which way it was forbidden. Its activatable online, I got it as a gift so its not illegaly obtained. How do I get my account unbanned. I was on gameflip since 2016 and in last 1 year Im banned second time just for selling giftcards. First time I got ban for 1 month and now it doesent say anything. I want help about this. Thanks

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They already warned you Right?

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They did and I tought that was a problem in that I didnt put information about that where to redeem. Obviously that wasnt the reason and I dont know what was then, I want to know real reason and why did I get perma ban?

Well, they warn in the first if you dont listen so they ban you that’s the rule, and you can get one chance only sadly :frowning:

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No no no no no no, I want my ban to be romoved. I didn’t sell anything against rules. Thats the problem and they didn’t even explain anything in warning and a lot of other people selling the same gift cards as I do and don’t getting bans. That’s unfair. I want to talk with staff. I need my profile back.

rmb to link ur profile so the mods can help u

I cant link my profile beacuse its deleted. But my code is R34SU8

Well, you can Send them a request and try to tell them that you want another chance or something but don’t sell Random Keys Or Gift cards as they said!

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I already send them email 2 days ago and still no respond. all I sold on gameflip was in-game items and some gift cards that was by rules. Redeemable online and not on phisical place, they wasnt stolen or anything similar and in description I provided where and how to redeem it and I already refunded some cards beacuse buyer told me that doesent work. I didnt do anything wrong on this website to deserve ban forever.

It’s alright i understand and im really sorry to hear that i wish i could help you really…if i’m a moderator or something but you can contact @DarkKnight he’s good moderator of Gameflip Site wish he can help you! :confused:

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I hope he will respond. I don’t feel that I did anything wrong or something that can damage someone. I really want my account back.

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Please just don’t worry All will be alright!

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I cant stop worrying, I hope all will be alright.
They respond on my email and told that I was warned many times and that Im pernament banned. I was warned but I didnt know exact reason. :frowning: I try to explain but no respond yet

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They will respond to you but they kinda got a lot of tickets that’s why slow respond Someday when i submit for moderator i will help all of you!!!

Don’t worry about anything you will get your account back Just wait for them to respond to your message okay!

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Hey Karlo_Lugomer!

Sorry to hear about your issue.

I just verified your account and found that you were warned several times for selling forbidden items, such as forbidden Gift Cards.

You were also suspended for 30 days before, because of this and since you did not listen to the warnings, your account was suspended again, but this time permanently :confused:

After the warnings, you should have verified the authorized non-gaming gift cards on Gameflip Help:

I really wish I could help you out, but you were warned too many times.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

Come on. I never before got that list of allowed non gaming gift cards until now. I need my account back please. I didn’t scam anyone or something like that. How this is for permanent ban. I really need my account back please. In every warning there is only said that this kind of gift cards is forbidden, how could I know why and what is the problem. Just unban me please, how other people can sell the same gift cards and don’t get banned?

I also sold that kind of gift cards beacuse I’m a student I need to make some money to survive. I get them as a gifts but I need cash so I sold them here.

u got warned multiple times. If you don’t know, then ask, you’re clearly in the wrong, but all the best.

I ask and I get this answer. There wasn’t any specific allowed cards when I ask 2 months ago.

Hello bro!

As i said before if that your second suspension, they will not be able to Remove your suspension. :confused: