I got banned for selling gift cards

But I didn’t know the list. I didn’t recieve right answear before. I need unban. please admin. I need way to make money. please

I wasted almost 4 years to get almost 200 positive reviews on my profile.

They can give me account back. But for some reason they wont. I didnt do anything wrong :frowning:

Aw, i understand Sorry i really can’t help it… :confused:

But GameFlip give only one chance that’s…

But its theyr problem that they didnt warn me about that. I want account back.@DarkKnight, please

Try to submit another ticket bro, if they wont Remove your ban so you have to give up. Sorry :confused:

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I wait respond here and on ticket. I wont give up. I didnt do anything wrong.

I wish they can help you out bro!

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they can but they ignoring me

they will, just wait for their response.

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Still waiting… -_-