Hi I was banned for know reson can you please I’m banned me(..

Hi I was banned for know reson can you please I’m banned me(…

Aw, its your first time to get banned?

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Yes it is and I am so mad

Don’t be mad it’s all alright, what the reason to get banned? you did something forbidden?

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What happened was is KitKat buying for me and I don’t have all the stuff for the stuf The captain buyers And reporting me I guess

oh, there’s sellers reporting each other for no reason okok its alright, you will have to submit a ticket for a gameflip tell them the reason that " all sellers reporting me without a reason" and they will understand.

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Can you un banned me

I got banned for know reason

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I’m not a moderator at moment I wish i can help you, but you will be unbanned if you talk to the support or a moderator https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

  • submit your email

  • What is this request about : you will choose " My account"

  • Subject Type " i got banned for no reason"

  • Description type what exactly happened to you

  • Profile Code you will find it on your gameflip account

Then send it to them and they will unban you!

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