Why did I get suspended and You guys scamed of 60$

My got is suspended for no reason and you scammed me of 60 and can get it out or buy anything thanks so much like I have over 150 rating and I get suspended I made you 100’s of dollars and I get suspended

Were you selling gift cards, accounts or impersonating Gameflip in anyway?

If sellling giftcard’s is not allowed why is there an “other” section? And there are hundreds of giftcard’s being sold by sellers with hundreds positive feedback.

Do you mind send me via PM your invite code so I can check the account for you?


What kind of giftcards are you talking about? Let me know so I can provide you with the precise information regarding this.

Hey, I got suspened for racist language, they told me but literally I said
■■■■■ give me back my item haha oh well, My invite code is BMYL8F

Me too, yesterday I just sold a GTA modded account on Ps4 and Wednesday I just sold a 10$ Gift Card for Xbox and all was ok, but now my account is suspended. And now after loosing my GTA account, my 10$ Gift Card and my 26$. Are you kidding? Why you do this to me Gameflip?

You sold account, that why u get banned.

Are you joking you can’t sell accounts on Gameflip?

It is not a joke. Selling accounts is forbidden within Gameflip.

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