Help I want my hard earned money

Respected @DunnBiscuit

I have read a lot of your justice on gameflip forum and have decided to contact you with a hope that you would understand my case and help me out.

I am a trusted seller of Giftcards with over 380+ positive ratings.

My account has been suspended and all I sold was just one MS Office account. I accept my mistake but I swear I was not aware it that it was against gameflip rules. Please allow me to withdraw my hard earned money I got by selling giftcards at least. I have worked very hard to earn those giftcards worth $45

Its a humble request to unsuspend my account for just few hours so that I can withdraw my $45.
I have been a honest gameflip member.

I know you would do justice with me. Please let withdraw my $45 I will never be able to repay your help.

My invite code : QQSKXN

Remeber when using a new site or app or whatever its up to you to read all the
:black_small_square:Prohibited and counterfeited items
:black_small_square:Gameflip Guidelines
before using them or take the risk.

Selling account is not allowed.

Lucy :heart:


Your account was suspended for 30 days due to violations of the TOS you commited.

Contact us after 4/4 so we can check your suspension again.

Thank you.