Gameflip scam me 3000+$

Gameflip ban my account then they said no longer to withdraw my money. Really ? All item I sold before did not break the law, so such a large amount of money could not be withdrawn?
I have 3000+$ on wallet please help me withdraw !
My invite code : 7XN4M7

@DunnBiscuit @Tali please help me like Gameflip scam my money

Check your email. there should be a reason for your suspension.

Also create a ticket here

Hello, your account was suspended due to exploiting our Marketplace using Coupons. It was suspended for 7 days. (I answered your ticket).

Thank you.

Only 7 days right ? I’m so sorry about that i don’t think it is violent Gameflip’s term

@DunnBiscuit im so sorry i will never do that again . I swear! After 7 days i can access my account again right ? Or at least i can withdraw

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