Gameflip is Scamming me! Help me!

Gameflip for the second time within 5 god damn days has suspended another account I created dude to a false suspension to my first one! I’ve used Gameflip for several damn months making them thousands of dollars and keeping food on the table for my family and keeping us off the streets yet I’m related with 2 accounts being ■■■■■■■ suspended for no reason and now losing out on sales as well as having no access to either account that have a combined cash balance of around $80 and this is just ■■■■■■■ absurd. I have contacted Gameflip 3 times now and have not had a single response besides a moderator telling me to contact Gameflip who don’t give a single ■■■■ about their users who follow their guidelines and make them tons of money. I can’t make another account because guess what they’ll suspend that one too and steal more money from me. They have yet to offer me time to retrieve my funds and I’m honestly pissed off at this point. Without access to any of my accounts I will not be able to provide for my son who needs Diapers and food to survive. If you wanna punish me go for it but don’t punish my ■■■■■■■ kid for no damn reason. I want my god damn money back or the ability to use your site without fear of losing my only income for no reason so I can stay off the streets. I’ve seen you offer 24 hour grace periods to people who have actually caused problems on your site the opportunity for a second chance or the ability to retrieve funds from their accounts yet you won’t even grant me that and all I’ve done was use your site to provide for my family and make you money. Quit being thieves and give me back my ■■■■■■■ money or I will make it my life long mission to make everyone aware of what thieves you are. If I don’t get my accounts or my money back this will not be last time you hear from me I promise you that. I’m sick of being a loyal user and being treated as if I’m a piece of ■■■■ like the people scamming others. I’m just trying to make a god damn living and you do this bullshit. This is sickening and I hope people realize the bullshit you are pulling right now. I want my damn money back I’ll give you my invite code for one account and my other accounts name since I don’t have the invite code without access to the ■■■■■■■ thing to tell you.

DN7WK7 (first falsely suspended account)
Rl & Fortnite (online) (second falsely suspended account)

Both of these accounts have accumulated over 400 combined positive reviews and sold thousands of dollars in items.
Give me Back my god damn money!!!

You going off on them isn’t going to help man. Your second account was suspended due to having the other suspension. Just give them time and they will assist you.

They replied just now saying I have a permanent suspension due to fraudulent activity such as impersonating Gameflip when I’ve never done such since using the site. They are god damn thieves. If they look at every comment every transaction they know damn well saying I’ve been apart of fraudulent activity is utter bull ■■■■. I deserve the ability to retrieve my damn money from the accounts instead of them stealing it like they are.