My account is Suspended and can’t retrieve my funds.

My account was suspended and I’ve submitted a ticket but not necessarily sure why it was suspended considering I’ve never owned another Gameflip account even though it stated it was suspended due to having a previous suspended account. I don’t have an issue if the suspension won’t be lifted but I would like to retrieve the money that was on that account which I use for food for my kids and diapers for my young one as well as have a purchase for a heatwave on Rocket league canceled considering I can’t accept it without access to the account. I’ve had the account for several months and have never had any problems up until this point. I would like to continue to use Gameflip to put food on the table for my family but I can’t do that with a suspended account and due to the terms and service I can’t create a second one. Please help me out I always follow the guidelines. If anything allow me to retrieve any funds on the account it would be greatly appreciated.

My code is DN7WK7

I just want to add that I’ve seen others be granted a 24 hour period to retrieve their funds with less than I have currently in there under circumstances of their accounts being suspended for scamming. I want to be civilized in this circumstance rather than losing my temper. I just wanna retrieve my funds and be on my way. The money I have currently in the account may not seem like much but that’s good for a week for me and my family and I’ve been using gameflip to provide and survive ever since losing my job due to disability.


Please contact us at, so the support team can evaluate your case and help you further.


I’ve contacted them and sent a ticket already but have yet to have any reply.

I’ve had this happened before they never respond .

Well I hope they have a heart to respond cause this is money for food and my kids diapers they’re keeping from me. It’s not right

I’m pissed off now. I had another account suspended and have now lost even more funds for absolutely no reason and if I make another it will be suspended within 5 days. This is going to cause me to end up not being able to feed my damn kids and I have done nothing but make money for Gameflip probably thousands of dollars more than I’ve ever made and they in return suspend my accounts. This is a tragedy cause I am now at a loss of $80+ over this garbage.

I here you they are doing it to me as well, i have read the terms, doesnt say anything about them not being able to do this