Please Allow Members to withdraw fund from Suspended Account

I lost everything to gameflip because game flip permanently suspended my account with $800+. Please can you please bend those rules if you will not unsuspend those accounts,but please allow me and others to at least withdraw our hard earn money for a certain period… It is really painful to lose everything all because of an honest mistake… I take it as an indirect extortion when accounts are suspended and people money are withheld from them.
Another issue is that game flip suspend some accounts without real proof of what truly happened and they are not ready to listen to what the person in question have to say… Please learn to forgive and bend some rules because it will make the platform last.

Please I need the fund badly… Kindly help save my life… Thanks

Awaiting your response if there is a way out pls

You don’t need to talk about yourself as “a friend” LOL

Seriously? A way out is needed badly

Btw, you can post your invite code, email of the account or phone number linked to the account right now so u can receive a faster answer from the mods as soon they see your post.

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Can you send me the invite code to your accunt so I can check it for you?

I cannot guarantee that the account will be unsuspended though.

Thank you.

This is the invite code: 5K66EB , I am not claiming that I am right,I am only begging for you to help me out of this mess i am in,my life depend on it please.

Dunnbiscuit sir may u please help me I just woke up and got on gameflip to see I have a suspended account for what looks like no reason at all. However despite the reason I really need to get the money out of my wallet. My invite code is ksqznw. Thank you very much for your time and support. This really needs to be resolved and if possible I would like to request a 24 hour period to get those funds out of my account immediately.

@tsmiths1967, as I checked you were contacting sales outside Gameflip, the suspension can’t be lifted.


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@Nolan_Rogers, as I checked, you were selling RL under the Fortnite section to avoid fees, also you were encouraging others to do so as well. You also have other suspended accounts that you were using to harass other users.

With all that said, I can’t remove the suspension from the account.

Thank you.

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