Gameflip Falsely suspended my account with no proof!

Gameflip has suspended both my accounts claiming I’ve partaken in fraudulent activity and have permanently suspended my account and are withholding the $80 I should be allowed to retrieve from my account that I have made legitimately. Suspending me without proof in itself is fraudulent activity on their part and is utter BULLS***

My code is DN7WK7 and I demand access back to my account or to be given access to the now 2 accounts I’ve had suspended for absolutely no reason and have done nothing wrong. @op_JOkEr @DunnBiscuit can one of you actually help me I can’t support my family with this going on and I know they’ve IP Banned me. I’ll give you whatever you need in order to look into this or help me please.

I have to ticket numbers (299102) and (297778) please look into it cause I know they haven’t done it at all. I just want my money back @DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr


Unfortunately, after checking your account again, I’m unable to help you.

The suspension is permanent as our support team said.

Due to spam and offensive behavior, your account will be suspended here as well.

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