Account Suspended - 2CarGarage

Dear Gameflip,

My email is

My account was suspended. I have been doing well trading and selling items on gameflip.

I recently decided to recruit help and expanded my operation to two people.

We needed separate accounts due to the massive size of our available items for sale, and to effectively control inventory.

I have read through gameflip policies and do not believe we acted inappropriately, listed any fraudulent or restricted items, nor have we attempted to defraud any customers nor gameflip.

We have always been kind, courteous and honest with our customers.

Gameflip has suspended my account with a large sum of money in the account. We would like to resume selling on gameflip and are willing to do whatever it takes to alleviate the problem.

Thank you.
User, 2CarGarage

In the event that our account is unable to be lifted from suspension, we believe we should be able to retrieve our funds within the suspended account which was acquired honestly through good, completed transactions.

We have paid all relevant fees associated with the sale of our items and there is not a single negative feedback on the account!

Please advise gameflip, we worked hard to maintain!


Can you please send me your invite code via PM so I can check why your account was suspended? I can give you more information then.

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Wow thank you for the quick response! I am not sure how to get the invite code because I cannot log into my account. When I attempt to log in, it simply says “account suspended”

I had 4 consecutive cancellations on the account but this was due to buyer errors. All my items are for PC / Steam and are listed as such, but xbox and ps4 players purchased many of the items.

also been searching for 10 min and can’t figure out how to pm

Click their image (his is Cookie Monster) and you’ll see an orange option to send a message. You can also go to his profile and send message is on the upper right (while on PC).

I dont have the message option anywhere. I can’t get the code anyway since I cannot log in.

Browse the forums for 5 more minutes and you should get a Basic User badge with the ability to private message

Relog on the forum after if you don’t see the button. In your message to the moderator give them the phone number you registered on Gameflip.