Gameflip account suspended for selling prohibited gift cards! Why?!

Hi! Why was my account suspended for selling prohibited gift cards? The gift cards I was selling was from Starbucks. They were not stolen or anything. I bought them myself and sold them on gameflip. Why was my account suspended? The email of the account was

Because is prohibited selling starbucks gift cards here.

Here is a list of prohibited items. Maybe Starbucks gift cards count as “products that require code activation in-person, such as gift cards for restaurants, retail stores”. You should leave your invite code (from your profile) so a moderator can help you.

@0tyjoe0 we sent you email warnings about your forbidden item listings, but these were ignored and more listings were put up. That’s the reason your account was suspended.

However, I lifted your suspension as we’re changing our policy regarding the sales of gift cards. You can see information about this new policy here:

Please, read the article carefully. You should not have problems to sell your gift cards as long as you include code redemption instructions to your listing’s description.

Let us know if you have questions.

Well I never got any email from you guys about that’s why I never answer. Sorry about that

JAN 16, 2018
MAR 14, 2018

Did it go to spam? The subject lines were: Your listing has been removed

Nope. I always go through my spam mail to make sure nothing important goes there. Nothing was there

Hmmm weird. We have the records here and I just tested sending an email from our system to mine and everything works as intended.

I’ll investigate further to see if there are more cases like yours.

Alright thanks! How long does suspension last?

It depends on the violation, but you should not worry as your account is currently restored and you can use it normally.

Just asking, now we can sell netflix gift cards?

If the listing is in line with the article, you should fine.

Hey please i just bought something after a few hours my accoubt was suspended my mom will be mad i did not get the code pls asap im realy cryingp

Account name-FORTNITEGAMER123
My account was suspended no reason no email please
Fix my account i just bought something after a few hours my acc got suspended pls i still didnt recive my code please


Please contact me via PM and send me your invite code if possible, so I can check your account for you.