Account suspended?!

Just got suspended with no email explaining why? I have sent a support ticket but i hope you can escalate this because am a seller and this interrupts my business.
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Edit: Gameflip support replied and informed me that i have been suspened because, i quote “We see this account was suspended because the buyer of order 3a03e03c-8497-46b9-b5c1-23eaade23de5 (Starbucks $100 Gift Card) has shown that his gift card balance was emptied before he could use it.”

First of all, does gameflip keep up with their own terms of service?
Quote from

“The Buyer is required to rate the Seller to finalize the transaction and when this step is complete, then all sales are final and the Buyer will no longer be able to submit a request for a return.”

“DO NOT rate the Seller if you have received an item that is not working or as as described. By submitting a rating for the Seller, you are accepting the item and finalizing the transaction.”

The buyer rated and closed the transaction without using the card, his problem. As per your ToS, the buyer should use and verify the product before rating, and yet you suspend me for this? a suspension? you didn’t even notify me of a dispute? you banned a seller with 45+ feedback and $1k traded instantly without notifications of a dispute. Did he threaten to chargeback on Paypal? because that is the only explanation.

It looks like gameflip sides with the buyers in trades as they can cause the bigger financial loss by disputing via Paypal/Credit card as compared to a seller paying 15% commission.

This is true that the Buyer has three days to rate and accept the transaction as well as once the transaction is completed the Buyer agrees to receiving the item and cannot be refunded.

However, this does not mean that if a Seller alters the items or is unredeemable after this, that the Seller is not at fault. We strive to make our marketplace safe and secure and have a no tolerance policy to anyone who is selling illegal items and/or trying to scam.

If you feel that you were suspended wrongfully and would like to appeal this, you’ll need to contact Support with concrete evidence on how you obtain these items being sold.

your support has been ignoring me for 1 week.

Am i ever getting a reply???