Gameflip did not honor their return policy. Lack of seller protection.

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I was informed by Gameflip support “We analyzed all evidence, and we decided to rescind the transaction. This investigation was closed.”

The buyer claimed the sold code did not work days after confirming and completing the transaction without redeeming code immediately prior to completing the transaction.

According to the Gameflip return policy there are no returns after a transaction is complete.

I believe that you’ve seen my post here - Seller asking buyers to rate with no proof of receiving the listed item - Where victims of this seller’s scam were told to make a ticket.

A few years back, I made a deal with someone and rated before receiving anything.
After reaching out to staff, I got a reply saying:
'Hello, unfortunately I won’t be able to refund you or anything related since the transaction is completed. You should’ve never rated the user first. If you have questions about how Gameflip process worked. You should’ve opened a ticket or contact me.

I’ll suspend the seller account.’

A couple months later, I noticed that the seller’s account was unsuspended and I was told that ‘The user was suspended for an amount of time and his money was held so he couldn’t benefit from it. We are monitoring all of his actions since his suspension period ended. If he commits such an action or any other action that violates our ToS, he will be permanently suspended.’

He ended up getting permanently suspended.
Sure, Gameflip has a policy but it seems like this isn’t always carried out.
It’s a great thing to help buyers that fell for scams but it doesn’t seem right to choose who to help and who not to help.

I would suggest updating your terms to reflect on the actions that can/will be taken against scammers and what can be offered for their victim(s).


Hello Gen_Wunner, WAVY,

Regarding the refund policy and as WAVY mentioned, once the transaction is completed, we inform buyers that a refund is not possible and the item or code must be verified within 3 days.

The exception to this is when a code is removed, blocked, or revoked after the transaction completes. In that case, we will look further and gather more evidence about it.

Regarding this transaction, I will personally check with the support team and see what I can do.

@WAVY All decisions are made based on all evidence collected from both buyer and seller. We are not obligated to say whether a user will be permanently suspended or not and all help offered to buyers changes from case to case.