I bought a used code and gameflip cheat me

I just want to know who completed the order.Buyer or system?

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Sep 19, 2018


$19.99 USD

Hey. have you read my comment on your last post.

If transaction is 3 days old, then it’s system. Buyer can rate you and complete the transaction immediately.

I hope you can read my question,I repeat.I am not a novice buyer.I have stopped countdown and applied for gameflip intervention.Gameflip should decide to return the money to me.But five days later, the deal was completed, just like now.
I need to know why the transaction is completed and who decides it.

Okay, if you have opened a dispute, you’ve stopped the countdown that’s correct, but you need to send evidence/proof about your code if its used or it’s not matching the title you will get refund by Gameflip Support. if your info is not strong enough they will ask for more proof or complete the transaction in sellers favor.

So what I want to say is that no one has asked me to provide more evidence.The seller gave no evidence or said anything.Why do you support sellers?

While dispute is open New Ticket create and send evidence. That’s all

I want you to be more clear. Why do you support seller?

Because I am seller too and I do know how thing are going here. I can tell you everything you should know from Sellers perspective.

I feel that you have not said anything clearly.You mean that sellers can get your support without saying a word.But buyers need to provide you with satisfactory evidence, even if you can’t tell what the criteria are.

I really appreciate your response.But you still haven’t told me why you support the seller. Why do you avoid the problem?

Look, both sides needs to prove (seller) - code is Active and it’s matching the title. (buyer) - that code is redeemed/invalid.

Gameflip will decide who’s correct.

Sorry,what proof does the seller provide in this order?

Well, origin of the code, chat with ordinary company of that code, if its microsoft, date of redeem, code details etc etc.

If the seller provides evidence, why do I not see it, please show them.
I am talking about this order.

Only Support can see the evidence and by that, they refund/complete the transaction.

If the seller submitted the evidence, You would show it to me. No evidence needed to be kept secret.
I hope you didn’t cheat me, so please show the seller’s evidence.

Umm, I am just a regular user on this forum. For further help you should ask some of moderators :smile:
@DunnBiscuit I will remain quite till Dunn response.

Were you ever given the option to escalate the dispute?


If you did have the option to escalate, but you don’t escalate, then in 3 days the transaction will be completed (no refund).

If you opened an issue and did not get the option to escalate, then the buyer did not respond with evidence, and the order should have been cancelled and you be refunded.

I just checked your dispute and saw that you didn’t provide us the information requested about the code.

As such, the dispute was closed and decided in the seller’s favor.

Didn’t I upload the screenshots? I thought the seller did not reply to me,this shows that he acquiesced that his code is used.
The seller is a real liar.He didn’t reply to me for five days.But when the deal was completed, he gave poor to me at once.He did not have many buyers to comment.But the two buyers before me gave him bad comment.
This swindler has cheated me 20 dollars. He must be punished.Otherwise, I will not buy anything else.

next time you should provide the requested information instead of lying about it