user resold code after i confirmed purchase

I bought a xbox live code from someone and after i confirmed the purchase the guy then resold it to someone else. gameflip support told me i shouldve reported the problem before confirming but how am i supposed to do that after i confirmed it and there wasnt a problem till after? i also have proof from microsoft that the code was redeemed on someone elses account two weeks after i purchased it. can i get any help with this?

Hi there!
If the code was revoked after you finished the transaction you can open a ticket and we will check it, please send all proof that you have, it sounds like there was a misunderstanding there.
Make sure to say everything you said here so there is no misunderstanding again.

i did that and i sent the proof, the response again was you shouldve reported the problem before i confirmed it.

Could you inform your profile code so I can take a look?

Z3A6SU thats my invite code if thats what you mean

I’m sorry to say but our support is correct.
As you stated on your ticket, you completed the transaction planning to use the code later. So the transaction was completed before fully checking everything.
We are sorry but according to our rules we cannot refund you.

how was i supposed to report this problem after the guy resold the code after i confirmed it? you guys literally make no sense youre putting the blame on me

You were supposed to have used the code and then confirming the transaction

so youre telling me arfter i purchase something i have to use it?

Exactly, cause when you finish the transaction by rating the seller the money is released to the seller

you realize youre legally liable for thgis now and i will be suing you, if you could give me your legal team information that would be great. allowing someone to scam people on your website makes you liable for it. since you operate in the united states also that means you have to follow united states laws and youre breaking them i will also be contacting the ftc to file a report

You can check our guidelines and rules that you agree with when using Gameflip and how they clearly state what I already said

exactly the item i recieved was not working as described because it was used by someone else, there is nothing in your guidelines that states i have to use something when i buy it. i have the right to use it when i want and how i want. give me my money back and i wont take this to court, you guys arent even following your own guideline

When you complete the transaction there is a message, where you confirm the item was working as described. If you didn’t check when completing it, here it is for you image
I’m closing this thread as I have explained everything I could possibly have explained about this to you.
You can send a ticket if you have further questions.

Man, you confirmed the item is working but you didn’t activate it? Sorry, but that’s totally on you.

And it’s clearly stated that you should confirm the transaction only after you are positive everything works, so your court threats are silly.

This site is not meant for reselling codes you bought, but if you plan doing this anyway (or use it “when you want and how you want”) then Gameflip is not responsible anymore.

This is MARKETPLACE, not an official store. So your actions should be BUY-ACTIVATE-CONFIRM (if it works)/OPEN DISPUTE (if it doesn’t within 3 days). That’s it.