What About Seller Guarantee?

I feel like us sellers have absolutely no way of getting money back if we give someone a code and they say it was used, the other day I had sold someone a code I was 100% positive it worked, but then they said it was already used, so I offered to give them a new code if they just showed me their redemption history to see it wasn’t used, not that hard to take 1 screenshot right? Well the buyer didn’t even respond to me and just automatically sent the dispute for Gameflip’s decision. So I sent a ton of evidence, where I got the first code from, where I got the 2nd code from, proof of the 2nd code not being redeemed, and more. But yet somehow, this person with no previous buying or selling history, just a plain new account somehow wins the case. Without even attempting to respond to me or anything. Please Gameflip do something to provide us sellers some type refund, add a code checker or something, this just isn’t fair. @MajorTom @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

Contact support of the key . Like u sold Xbox gift card , try to contact xbox support and ask them for date and time when code got activated . U need to take screenshot with full chat and also need to show time of your PC .
Also provide transaction ID .

Issue was already answered via DM. Please DO NOT open any more topics about it.

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