Item sold and the buyer claim dispute?

I just sold an item a few hours ago and now the buyer claim dispute. I check the code and confirmed the code had been redeemed already. What should I do next? I already uploaded picture of my card and the code and picture of it been redeemed already. I might be able to ask Microsoft to see when was it redeemed.

submit all relevant evidence and wait for support

check profile if new profile they are scammer

also share profile picture here let us know scammers
and ask to microsoft gift card redeem time, if possible report gift card as stolen
ask to moderators for check this situation specially @DarkKnight
just you need evidence receipt and gift card redeem time

It is a new user. Name is Brannon Bogan

I will chat with ms to see if i can get the time. Receipt might be a bit more difficult as it is some kind of Gold edition add on code on a game i purchase retail a few months ago but I have the physical card.

@Philip_C_S_Wong i can not sell my gift cards with instant delivery for this scammers
they after use code opening dispute doing pproblem
i send code manually i check if new i cancel order and blocking
now check all profile month ago which is tried scam me still all zero feedback
i think gameflip need to do samething this scammers will be problem every time
no need to give change to scammer s here

I might have to start doing that too. Your method have issue too as it prevent honest beginning buy from even starting.


you see my block list? there are many profile like this they opened scam people
from march till today no activity. if i real buyer needed minimum 5-10 feedback up todays
im check every month block list who is have activity im unblocking other way impossible

Well, according to microsoft, the code was redeemed 2 minutes after it was send to buyer. I asked MS to email me the exact time it was redeemed.

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man even 3 months old account?

okay upload it to dispute as evidence
@DunnBiscuit ask moderators for check it
they will complete dispute and you will get your money

Just did and I send a pm to Darknight about my situration.

It is been 5 days since the dispute started… how do I get an update on the matter.

bro last days admins sleeping no response ((

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