How can I know if a customer is trying to scam me?

I recently received 2 disputes in which a gift card and an xbox game were involved, before you could ask xbox support and they would tell you when the code was redeemed, but not now (they told me for security reasons), so how do I show that this person has not created another account and redeemed the code?
That is, how can I know now, if the code was redeemed BEFORE or AFTER I sell it on gameflip?

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@DarkKnight @MajorTom @Sparkling_Juice

Help please, I have 2 disputes against me that are going to end soon, and it is impossible to show that the code has not been redeemed in another account and they are cheating me.

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I can’t help with that unfortunately. I only help out on forums. You will need to create a ticket or wait for a reply from MajorTom/DarkKnight.


Hello ericmateo,

As Sparkling juice has mentioned, could you please open a ticket to the support team using the link below?

In this case, I suggest that you send any evidence to them showing the legitimacy of the card (like receipts).

Thank you.