Buyer try to scam me :/

Few days ago i sell a $50 Xbox Gift Card code, some guy bought it (username: Medicated Gaming), after some minutes he dispute the transaction, i asked why and he said that his friend said the code is invalid. I asked Microsoft about the code and they told me that the code was redeemed that day at 22:21:40 UTC. The funny thing is that he bought the code at 22:18 UTC. I am a legit seller have +800 positive reviews and i always check the codes.

Microsoft Screenshot:
My profile:
His profile: /profile/us-east-1:18fba5e8-255d-4df1-b64f-049dd7ffe098
Trasaction ID: f433260f-e263-457b-a8a5-7aaad395eae3

If a moderator see this please help me

I need your help @DunnBiscuit

Er. Why don’t you submit all proofs in the dispute?

Already submitted, but no solution

Just wait patiently. Admin now answers all requests once every few days

Hello I was able to clear the hold from the purchase.