Buyer trying to scam me.

I recently listed a $100 Xbox Gift Card using the Digital Vault feature that Gameflip uses. After someone claimed the item and once they received the code to check its authenticity, they claimed the $100 and then filed a dispute against me saying the code isn’t working.

They claimed in the comments that the code was already redeemed. So I got on the phone with Microsoft Support and told them the digital code. I was told by the rep that the code was redeemed Jan 20th (today) at 8:03 AM. I even had them email this to prove it and I will attached the photo below.

I also went and got my Microsoft account Order History as proof as well. I have not used the account since November after getting a PC Rig. (I can only attach one photo as a new user but if a mod wants it I can give it to them)

I’ve already reported the account for scamming and have provided the proof in the email, but I was wondering if there was a way to get this settled sooner or if there’s anymore proof I should provide as the seller that I did not use this code.

After this morning my buyer has informed me that they sold my code to someone else before actually paying for the code that I sold them. Not only is that sketchy as crap, but I’m now being punished for the fact that my buyer did not check the code before going to sell it to someone else.

I also got off the phone with Microsoft for the second time asking for the location of where the gift card was used. I was told that they are unable to give the location due to the fact that the information for such is just not there. Which is fine since there’s nothing they can really do.

I’ve asked for a screenshot of the buyer’s transaction with their buyer to check timestamps. I can’t help but feel like my buyer used the code, claimed it to be invalid, then tried to turn around and sell the code to someone else.

So it would appear that my buyer takes gift cards for a discounted price and then sells them at a higher rate. Before properly paying me for said gift card, they turned and sold it to someone else on eBay. The person on eBay seems to of been the one scamming them now, and I’m having to suffer because of it.

I was emailed about my ticket today and they offered to clear the hold on my account. What does that mean? The gift card has already been used. Does clearing the hold get me my money for what its worth or have I just been robbed?

For Mods (thanks to Joao_Soares for the format):
Invite Code: TQHG2S
My Account:
Their Account:
Transaction ID: 06fe6296-9847-48fe-bee2-91e9404acf87
Already sent a ticket: 198430 (pretty sure this is it)

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Great report and detail! Are you able to request the city and state the code was redeemed? When you provide evidence of when the code was redeemed, it could have been either of you. When you give a location, that can be used to narrow down the investigation.

I can always try to find it. Although I feel like there’s limited information that they can give me. I’ll get in contact with them again tomorrow.

Yeah, give that a try. I don’t see how giving the city and/or state would be a problem since it is general. It isn’t like an exact address you can use to pinpoint someone. Knowing the city state can help out with an investigation because if you are in Alaska and the buyer is in Florida and they say it was redeemed in Florida, the buyer aka scammer has now been nailed.

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Hey I see that the support team is already checking this out. They are now contacting the buyer to gather someinformation about his claim. He has 4 days to answer. Our team will update your ticket if he sends anything or after the 4 days if he doesn’t answer us back.

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