I've esclated a dispute to Gameflip

I’ve esclated a dispute to Gameflip, but how can I submit further evidence such as a video? Considering I can’t upload a video directly through the gameflip conversation.

what is this dispute about, so i can tell you what info can help

I’m not sure if I can go into details, but it’s a dispute regarding an unredeemable gift card code I’ve purchased

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I have a recording of me receiving the code since it’s auto delivery to the moment I tried redeeming it

what massage your gotten when ur trying to redeem and can i have link for that post u did buy

I’m not sure if I can disclose anymore information considering it’s still under review but the message I got was that it was already redeemed on another account.

will i didn’t ask you for any sensitive info to say you disclose anymore information, upload the video to youtube then u send th link to the support but what key is this for like psn or steam or xbox as some services have live chat u contact the live chat and request the redeem time for that key and they will provide it so u send it to the seller and also to support

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I have the same problem here, The seller won’t even try to help he just says Stop Scamming/Cheating and the code is Already redeemed on another account

You can submit a ticket to Support with the video proof via attachments and also include some details and give the ticket ID in your dispute so that they can check the proof.

Is it fine if I send a youtube link within the Gameflip dispute which includes a video of my attempt to redeem the code?

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Whichever works best for you I guess. But remember to write a brief description along with the link so they roughly know what it is about.

You could also do this as an extra step just incase if link doesn’t work or something.