Dispute, please help

Good day, i had a problem recently my bestfriend given me $100 itunes gift card, he did that as a gift for me, and decided to sell it on here (gameflip) after 1 day waiting i finally sold it, but buyer claimed my card/code already used/redeemed, so i ask my bestfriend why was that, my bestfriend 100% sure his card legit and freshly bought last day, (i do trust him) he gave me the actual gift card in it, but sadly the receipt already thrown,

So i fought my side on dispute that buyer raises and already escalated, unfortunately i lost in dispute! gameflip cancelled the transaction so buyer refunded his/her money

Me as a gift card seller i always do video screen recording everytime i make listings here, on google play and steam gift card, you can check the code and see the balance or conversion rate there without actually redeeming the code! that’s i always do to test the code if it’s working before i post it here for sale, unfortunately i tunes has no feature of that, so i dont have evidence presented during dispute time, only the actual card in it, there’s no way to check the itunes gift card balance, if code is working and you put it, it will redeem directly onto your account so no way to check it out

Already contacted apple support and they said, they can’t disclose any information on the card when and where the card used/redeemed, all of those picture of card and conversation submitted to gameflip support to fight my side and yet i still lost

Be honest, what kind of evidence that you must give to gameflip support in order for you to win on dispute as a seller?

Depends on Situations IMO. Have you contacted Support after you lost the dispute? They will always ask for more information if needed and those are the information/evidence you would need to give when they ask for it. I’m not sure what kind of information they will ask but you can still try contacting Support first.

But if you ask me, based on my own opinion, I would say the information they can’t disclose are the information needed. There must be proof that it was not you who redeemed it. The pictures of the physical card can only prove that you indeed have the card.

If no evidence was given during dispute time, the dispute will automatically be a loss for the seller.

More information inside about disputes.

So now I would advise you to contact Support and Direct Message a Mod here as well to see what can be done.

Hi, maybe irrelavent but how do you exactly check Steam Gift Cards without redeeming them?

If you have US steam codes you must be in different country or different steam country store, example you are in Asia or Europe then you can completely check the balance of steam US code, after you put the code, you will see the conversion ex: $50 = 2500php, and you will hit continue to actually redeem it, or hit back to cancel, that’s the way we check the codes if it’s working or not, if you see the conversion rate, meaning code is working, ofcourse codes failed if redeemed or invalid.

never ever test the code if you have same country with the same currency code you have, sample you are in USA, and you will test the US steam codes, it will direct it to your account (redeemed)

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Btw thank you for the discount codes you shared, i used that and it worked :slight_smile:

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Thank you for answering but, let’s say i want to sell steam codes. I have a code which is my country’s code, so i can’t check it. But i want to have a evidence when before i sending the code to seller. Otherwise it would be easy to scam me. So it there a way?

You can have a picture if the gift card as evidence

I have digital code, not card itself

I really don’t know about that but i think you can send a picture of where you bought it or something, don’t worry send the code to a good buyer based on his Reviews if it’s 20+ Positive reviews then i think you’re good to send him the code

Oh thank you, so i will cancel the order if buyer hasn’t got much good reviews.

Don’t think there’s another way since the code is using your country currency. Unless you make another account and change the country of that account so that the country currency will be different but I think that’s agaisnt Steam rules.

If there is not a way, then you will have to be certain that the code is working before sending.

Checking the code is good before sending but if your certain that no one has used it before sending, that should be fine because the evidence needed during disputes is the time + date of code being used and other related evidence.

Pictures of the gift card / code as evidence can only prove that you had the code. That cannot prove that it wasn’t used.

It is also not very feastible if you cancel the order just because buyer is new to Gameflip. Only some people tend to try to scam, a lot don’t. It’s not feastible because if you cancel from too many people at once, that will make you very suspicious.

Just incase your interested to selling steam codes in future, do be reminded that all Gift Card sellers must be ID Verified.

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Yeah i am working on ID verification… I know that Amazon support can confirm the time and date when you sent them a used Amazan code. Does Steam do that? @Sparkling_Juice

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Not sure about that sorry. I never bought or sold steam gift cards. Hopefully someone who does can answer your question :slight_smile:

Awesome , hope you get it soon.

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@adamnatalie04 @peasy_Shop @Sparkling_Juice so basically to know weather a redeem code is valid or invalid you should redeem the code in a different country / different currency is that right? and does that apply to most gift cards out there in the open market?

It depends on what kind of gift card it is that you are checking. Because not all sites function the same.

Yes, if you try to redeem another country currency, it doesn’t let you add the amount but you can see the amount. (Example - google play store and steam as @adamnatalie04 wrote.) But it might not be the same case with different kind of gift cards.

I don’t sell gift cards so I can’t be 100% accurate to tell you how different gift cards can be checked.