iTunes gift card code not working

I don’t know whether it’s the right section to ask but I have a feeling this iTunes code was used up. Even more suspicious is that this “guy seller” may not be legit as he recently only signed up in December 2018 as a seller. I tried using the code he provided but it does not work.

Edit: These are the image evidences.

Final Edit: “guy seller” was genuine enough to refund my whole amount so thank you for him. If the code worked, none of this would happened. Consider this closed/locked/solved.

Can you open a dispute? i cannot, its like bugged

I did open a dispute but no reply from “guy seller” so far. Giving the 4 days grace period. If no reply from him, I hope Gameflip will take action after I provide the image evidences and refund me.

I cant push the dispute button its like bugged

Don’t know why it’s bugged for you. The first thing to do is contact the seller. Maybe from there is when you can dispute. And you cannot dispute after you finalize the transaction, based from what I know of Gameflip’s guidelines. And note that I just registered today so I can’t help you. You have to ask a different person.

Already open the dispute!
My bad haha!

Good luck with this!

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Remeber that you may escalate the dispute if the seller doesn’t provide a proper solution!

Thanks guys.