Transaction complete when code didn’t work

After purchasing an App Store card, the code given didn’t work. I contacted the seller during the dispute and didn’t get an answer. Now it says transaction complete and the order went through. How can I get my money back?

You contacted the seller after already opening a dispute? Did you provide proof so that the moderators could check it and choose in your favor? Did you send them screenshots?
If you did all that and still lost the dispute, it either means you lied or you didn’t send enough information.

For more, read here:

Think of opening a dispute as “going to the court”: you have to provide proof of your problem. Hint: record the screen of your PC from the moment of your purchase to the moment you try to activate the gift card. This way you’ll have a robust proof in case the code is not working.

I opened a dispute and provided a screenshot. After trying to communicate with seller and him not responding, I get a notification saying the transaction went through. Anyway to undo the transaction and get my money back?


Order ID - 83279623-12be-4938-8d56-e0324a848dcc

Date - 5/7/19

Price - 80$

The transaction went through even though the code is invalid. The dispute was settled without communication from the seller. How do I get a refund? I have video proof of the code not working

Does it say “code is invalid” or was it redeemed by someone else?

If it says invalid then you might be lucky and it’s just a typo from the seller (assuming he’s not randomly generating invalid codes to sell).

It could also be something like a copy & paste issue. Have you tried to copy/paste the code? also try to write the code manually and don’t input any spaces. This is usually the most issue I face with my iTunes customers.

Hope it works out for you.

It says “please enter a valid code”
I’ve tried to copy paste and enter manually and get the same error


Unfortunately I can’t refund here since the transaction is complete.

I saw you opened a dispute but you didn’t escalate it so we could look into this further. Thgerefore the system completed the transaction.

For more information about how the dispute system works, please check the link below:

Thank you.

What are my options then? Do I just take the L?