seller send invalid code

Hi, 20 minutes ago I bought a $100 gift card for the United States region and the code does not work or is not valid, I sent a message to the seller and he does not respond, I use gameflip since July 2020, and the first time I This bad experience happens, I already opened a dispute, but the seller still does not respond.
my profile code is 99GJZH
and the order id: b93aedff-b728-47c0-bc25-75eb9286c36a

If you opened the dispute and provided screenshots in the section to the team, you’ll just have to wait for their response. Make sure you provide as much evidence as possible. I’d recommend screenshots of you using the code with the error that pops up and the history of your balance.

Meanwhile, the seller will likely be doing the same and providing their proof.

Apart from providing evidence, just a reminder to escalate the dispute if seller does not respond to you. If too many days goes by without escalating dispute, the dispute will be closed. (As stated)

the seller canceled the transaction, my funds were returned, but I think there should be a punishment or sanction for sellers who try to scam new people in that way, and for me it was a waste of time with that seller.

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It is true that that was a waste of time. I’m just a forums helper (normal buyer/seller) so I can’t do anything about it.

You can report sellers who try to scam with evidence to support. There are punishments for scammers/people who break rules.

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