Received a used code

Hello, I just purchased $20 Nintendo eShop card, but the code was used. I opened a dispute, but I doubt the seller will respond in the next 4 days.

Could a mod please help?

There should be a countdown on the order page until the seller must respond. If they don’t past that time then you’ll see a button to “Escalate” and provide evidence that the code doesn’t work, then support will be notified.

I did all of that already, but it looks like it was burner scam account I bought from since it had no ratings and is using a fake GameFlip account to"confirm" the purchase in their comments.

It would be nice if this could be fixed soon since they have other items up for sale that are probably scams as well.

The moderators will need your Order ID and profile code to help.

order id: ce2da4e5-11da-42a5-999f-76edd57052a3

my profile code: VUXHP7

I could really use some help

Your money is not lost when the order is under dispute, and if you give the necessary proof, your money will be credited to your account without any problems. Be sure to escalate the dispute when the option appears for you.
Here is how it works: you open a dispute adding the necessary proof that the code wasn’t working => next the seller has to prove his acquisiton of the product => then if the seller and you couldn’t solve the issue by talking, you should escalate the dispute for the admins to solve it.

If you opened a dispute and put the proof there the burden of the proof now lies with the seller and if he doesn’t respond until the clock runs out the sale will be cancelled and the money will be returned to you.
This is to avoid scam sellers just “going silent” after selling a bad product, so if he doesn’t prove he acquired the product then he will lose the sale.
All that said do take into consideration that escalated disputes can take a considerable amount of time to be solved because the admins usually get in touch with wherever the code comes from to know when the code was redeemed and if the code was valid in the first place so it might take a while (e.g.: if it’s the purchase of a steam wallet, they talk to Valve).

P.S.: If someone saw some mistake in what I said please feel free to correct me. This here is what I’ve gathered from the time I’ve been using Gameflip.

I know how it works. Its just that the seller is new so I doubt they are going to respond. I ended up buying a code from someone else for now, but I still want to resolve this as soon as possible instead of waiting for 4 days of the seller not responding and then who knows how long for the refund.

If a mod could help that would be great.

Hello BaezEX,

I have just sent you an email. Could you please check and reply it back?

:trident: New forum moderators!

I sent the screenshots, let me know if you need more info.

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