Buyer Scam after using the code

Some Buyers bought Keys an after using it create a DISPUTE for refund and show Gameflip that the key is used before. I get scammed by this method 4 times, What should i do? Recently someone bought 2 RP CODES and after use it just create a fake dispute.

Hello I’m a seller, there have 3 dispute, one is over 2 weeks still not solved yet. Please check. Invite code K7LTAZ

What are the Order IDs of those times you were scammed?

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DUDE this just happened to me, buyer used and then disputed i provided proof of everything on my end. gameflip cancelled the transaction without even telling me they decided in his favor. Where the hell is the seller guarantee. i feel freaking scammed and cheated and will not sell anything on here again. kid had 2 neutral ratings and provided barely any proof of anything. i am so mad at this freaking site. Support does not reply to crap.

If you need help from forum moderators they will need your invite code and Order ID. Support tickets can take 2 business days for a reply.

invite code: C1RW7W

Order id:7837d174-ce4c-44e3-b8d2-ffeebeefce57

thanks for the reply

I have answered your ticket, please check all the information there.

Your answer? Saying he provided proof code was redeemed and not to his account!?. Let me que you in on how this scam works.he redeems it to any account of his choice. Takes a screenshot after he redeemed it showing already redeemed. Sends screenshot of one account with no funds. See where this is going? You offer no protection for the seller. I am a honest hardworking person and you all just called me a liar. I will not do buisness here anymore. It is beyond me why you do not have a code checker built into your auto delivery feature to verify codes on your end. I just lost money thanks to you all.

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Hi Joshua.
My answer was nothing like you wrote here.
I have told you he provided proper evidence that we requested and we never called you a liar.
Have a nice day.

Take a look around the forums tali. Its happening to sellers alot. Please tell me what protection you offer for a seller from what i just listed above. Do you not see how easy it is to provide you with false proof the code is invalid?

The only thread I see lately about this is yours.
You can also contact microsoft and send us more information about when the code was used.
Please reply to the currently open ticket.

Look this is the third place I see you posting about this, I’m trying to solve your problem.
Please avoid flooding the forum with your posts.

No, he is right. Sellers have nothing to do after any code being redeemed. Any company do not provide information of when the code has been redeem. Scam a seller is really easy. 2 Days ago a buyer buy from my Walmart key, 5 pack of 5 usd keys. First he make excuses that the code not work than he says working, even he created a dispute and escalated to Gameflip attribution. He gets his code and refund money. Happens this many times before too but now there’s a growing number of scammer which is not acceptable. I don’t ask you for what happened in past, but my intention to create this topic is please save us, sellers, who work hard for key. Thank you.

Hi there,
There will always be people with bad intentions.
What we do is always improve the system, so we can catch those and protect our honest buyers and sellers.
If you have any suggestions on how we could improve, please let us know.

If it’s possible anything like code cheaker or any live support of admins when delivering the codes.

Hi there. One of my sold items is under dispute from few hours ago. I have all the proofs of purchase and screenshots that I sold correct code. I already sent them through dispute dialog within transaction. Btw, codes I’m selling here are always 100% valid and form official stores (with receipts and stuff), or from direct gift link redeemed only by me. That’s how I was able to keep perfect score as a seller so far.

So, from this thread I can conclude if this buyer send you proof that the code is already used and that his account doesn’t contain this game - dispute will be closed in his favor? Every user can send code to a friend/alternate account first and wait until it’s activated elsewhere before opening a dispute.

I’m writing all of this because I’m interested to know what is your process of deciding how to close any dispute if both seller and buyer send you all the proofs you need.

I will not post my invite code and transaction ID, as this is $1,5 item and I’m interested to see how will this work out for me through regular channels.


It’s good question) I’m interested too)

I recommend in the description of the product to specify a video record of the purchase and activation. This way it will be harder for scammers to fool us.

Do you mean like adding a requirement in the selling products that the buyer should record the usage of the key?
If it is what you meant, there might be two problems:
1 - The regular consumer might/will not want to have the extra work and will just buy from someone else.
2 - GameFlip’s moderators might consider this term of agreement null and void, rendering it useless.


You write the truth. But how do you see a way out of these problems?

Buyers that try to scam are rarely successful from what I gather because in case a dispute is opened and both parties provide evidence it will be resolved by the message from the store which the key came from, and that’s why sometimes disputes take so long to be resolved.
E.g.: a dispute opened by a scammer buyer for a Origin game key. The moderator in charge e-mails Origin to find out IF or WHEN the key had been used. If the key was never used or used after the time of the transaction, the dispute is resolved in favor of the seller. If the key was used before the time of the transaction, the dispute is resolved in favor of the buyer.

The problem arrive when the original store doesn’t provide such informations or when it’s a game code that can’t be tracked. I don’t know how those cases are solved but my guess is that moderators do it by taking into consideration the history of transactions of the involved parties and the evidences provided.
Is that correct @DunnBiscuit @Tali? Any correction in my assertions will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

To cover for those losses and risks Gameflip could give back to the sellers in some way other than just small flp giveaways.
Perhaps storeseller discounts of some sort?
Or sellers only discount codes from time to time?

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