Got scammed for 208$

Hello guys, just purchased a steam wallet code 250$ for 208$ and the buyer gave me 6codes. 3codes worked and 3 didnt
i did record a video before purchasing until the moment i put the code in steam, while it gave me unexpected error, when i tried later it told me the code is already used.
i have opened a dispute and i provided that video and the screenshots of the error to gameflip support in that dispute , am i safe?? i dont wana lose my money! … i tried to talk with the seller he kept calling my video fake and my proves are not enough and shits like that…
am i going to win this dispute? when the truth is really with me? im worried he would do smth not legit to prove im wrong while im not… its my first time getting scammed in gameflip… hope someone calm me and tell me that noth wrong will not happen…

order ID 5a3c63d7-d6d9-4011-af5b-e3460af7bbab

and thanks , have a nice weekend.

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the seller also in the chat provoking me and calling me scammer, and he should put me on ignore list and that i will get banned ?! lol

Hello dear gentleman’s and lady’s. Maybe any one can explain for this man, who are the Pro’s scammers catcher here, please be attention and judge us! Buyer do you read what I wrote to you in deal conversation ? Who are the mommy’s hacker here ? And who from above of us are legit, the seller with 10/10 satisfaction points or this newbie buyer. This man try to cheating with yourself right now, i’m So sorry but why you are trying to do that , you need to take my time? But this is ok ,don’t hesitate, Sir. selling for this community are my favorite and lovely job. I’m just have some fun, satisfaction and great value of money flow incoming on my bank account. why are you trying to confuse everyone around, if you were told what to do for not be perceived as a fraudster! within half an hour I will give here all the correspondence from deal with you and the people’s court will lend us. funny how inexperienced and childish you are trying to play on the feelings of the users of this community, I will not spend my time any more to help you be satisfied, I just publish all the evidence of your rightness, your amazing video on which everything is perfectly visible who is who. in fact, our service is not at all problematic, even donating these 3 codes for my regular buyers, someone can confirm this, all previous buyers who opened the dispute received their exchange before the administration connected. Now I will publish for the general understanding of the gentlemen, the details of this “not fraudster” deal, and someone should be ashamed. because I asked so little thinks after that I could make you satisfied with our team works. but only a fool will not be able to see what I saw. Maybe I do give away and bonuses the community with extra 3 wallet codes buy the push 3 codes in chat in X? Time frame before 24:00 gmt is come ? Is better for me give the codes for free but not for cheater.

thanks for provoking once more again.

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Community are more leveled judgement that admins means or steam !)) where are you find provoking in my text ? This is hard but true, Sir.

Contact Gameflip support here

Send them all proofs you have every screenshot video, history of activation, chat with Steam Support.

You can contact Steam here (Must be logged)


When you open Steam contact link, go to My Account > Data Related to Your Steam Account > Contact Steam Support


Buyer, you just need less power for make a corrected video record (in gameflip rules give correct parameters and I provided to you) that you spend on provoking by yourself or memorandums write here for community that’s see every think like on hand. You choose this way because you now what happens, Sir.)

:joy::joy::joy::joy:yeah i choose that way… okey we will see

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Spend your time not here writing, spend it for legends and proofs collecting for moderation team. This is my last helping to you. Chao Mate’s!

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I’m say again, we use automatic checking system for checks hundreds of codes in days, it’s impossible that 50 lines screept make any errors and marked already redeemed code like valid! ))) that’s why I laughing here and really know who we are .

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yeah sure a script check codes nice, you think i believe? stop replying in this post if u dont care as you say , thanks.

So so so … I will so happy when one more will be out … just look and shade! Now I take fun with that … you do my day. Now can write a book about … ok… I kidding when you go out …


Mahmoud_Yasser1 and Geekitools, I will further investigate this issue and will ask for more evidence by email. Please, send it accordingly.

Also, I suggest that both of you contact Steam support and send us a chat history with them showing the redemption date and time of the codes.

:trident: New forum moderators!


hey guys why its taking so long

problem solved with the seller and he sent me working codes.

@Geekitools thanks.

report closed