Steam Wallet Code Scam

About a year ago I got a Steam Wallet Code for $50 for Christmas. I didn’t really want to use it on Steam so I went on GameFlip to sell it. Someone bought it and then immediately after said it was already redeemed. This could not have been the case because it was a card version of the code and I took a video of me scratching it off before I sent it but i had not sent the video to the buyer because I did not see the need. So after a lot of back and forth and me sending him the video using imgur, support got involved and ruled in his favor. I know it’s been a year but is there anything anyone can do to help me?

The fact that its been a year, I don’t see any way to get any help in regards to this. When these kind of disputes happen, you’re supposed to submit your evidence that the code is legit into the support section of it for yourself. (Not just where you respond to buyer, there’s another section for provide evidence) If you failed to do that, then they would go in his favor. Unfortunately for you, I see this as one of those lesson learned kind of things.

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I messaged support the same video I sent the buyer and they, no lie, never responded to me again.

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