Got scammed by buyer

Hello , my profile code is : DUJ6FK

I just sold 50$ steam on this transaction : 35527cf6-d0e2-4f89-9e16-aa3d5142bb18
I recoreded my screen when i checked the code’s status as proof and send to him , immediately after got my code , he said code has been redeemed and talking offensively.

This is my screen recorded :
This is what he said after he got my code :

He filed dispute and win after 3 days . I’m done :frowning:


Did you send the proof during the dispute? Did you contact Support about it after he won the dispute? They will ask for proof etc so I don’t know why you would lose the dispute. I don’t know what happened during the dispute so only Mods/Support can help you with that. Try contacting support with all proof if you haven’t. Or you could wait for a Mod to reply.

It would be best to record the whole process, I would recommend by asking the buyer when he will be on first then when his online, you can record the start of testing code (showing time as well) and tell buyer to reply it within 10 minutes while recording for the next 10 minutes, showing his reply (If he replies something like ‘It has already been redeemed’). If he doesn’t reply, just message him again and don’t stop recording. The proof alone is enough if you record the whole thing (from Start to End).

Some things you could take note too, when did the buyer join Gameflip? (Important because people do make accounts to scam) and the ratings from other sellers to the buyer (under rating section).
People who scam usually do it in the giftcard section because that is the easiest target. That is why I recommend recording the whole thing from testing code to completing transaction for proof.



Thank you for your detail answer ,

I sent the proof during the dispute
I havent contacted support after he won the dispute , i will try now .
I only record when i checked code’s status and send to him after that , i can not record my whole screen from start to end of transaction because sometime buyer take 10-15 mins to reply . But for this buyer , he immediately answer and say the code has been redeemed .
His account is not new , but only few transaction ( less than 10 )

I dont understand how gameflip decide seller lose or win the dispute , just let him win without asking me anything

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Did they not reply or say anything after you sent proof in your dispute? Based on what you wrote, I can see that you sent the video proof and nothing happened after? And the dispute just ends after 3 days? I won’t know what really happened since I’m just normal buyer/seller.

For that matter, I highly suggest u contacting Support via link I replied. Include that buyer opened dispute and you sent proof but buyer won and what happened etc. Also Support will always reply so don’t worry, just how many days it take. They will email reply back. Just see how they say about it first but just put all the proof and explaination u wrote here in the ticket to Support as well.

For less than 10 transactions , I would consider them still new. Maybe he made account but never purchased.

Next time like I advised above is contacting the buyer and arrange a timing together since yours isn’t auto delivery. Make sure buyer is online and tell him to reply within 10 minutes after you sent code and just video the whole process. If buyer says code don’t work, then just continue recording the part where u try code again. You should also contact steam support or something to check when code was used as another proof to see whether it is after u sent and how long after u sent the code was used. He can’t deny that. I never bought steam giftcard before so not really sure about it.

All the Best!


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