VERY slow dispute process

its my 4th time i bought steam gift card and overwatch GOTY key from gameflip.
last time i added fund $100 along with $60++ paypal payment to buy promo steam gift card AUD $300, i buy that gift card and got code, but when i try to redeem into my steam account, that code already redeemed by someone else.
i send pm to seller and he said :
Sam Boddington
Oh really? Sorry mate I got mugged by someone and was trying to sell my codes before they got redeemed by them…

Hobestly Didn’t mean to waste your time was just trying to not loose $300
1 week ago

and i request dispute that code didnt work. and now its been 1 week since i request dispute and i added evidence that support me being scammed. and seller claim that he’s code got mugged before i redeemed it.

this is my first dispute in gameflip but not in another trade site, i’ve been spending thousand dollar for steam gift card in another site and got really good guarantee and support + update dispute daily progress through mail from support when i got scammed.
and now im stuck here with no update dispute progress from support.
please refunds my money, seller claim he’s try to sell used code and all evidence show that im being scammed.

Order ID : e589f641-a595-4839-bd13-c5773b7231be
my code : K55EUK
Dispute and refund progress code : 185816

and here’s some evidence :

“I got mugged” is definitely up there as one of the most weak and pathetic excuses.

What kind of evidence did you provide? Have you tried contacting Steam customer support to have them verify exactly where and when the code was used or if it was ever valid to begin with? Screenshot your conversation with them where they verify this information and provide it to Gameflip as solid proof. I have had problem with Nintendo codes in the past and doing what I recommended above has always won me the case. Good luck!

i provide screen shot evidence thats show all 6 key when i enter to my own steam redeem page,key was invalid/ used / already redeemed by someone else, and my balance didnt change, seller admit he got mugged and dont want to lose AUD$300 so he try to sell it on gameflip. or he’s just scamming around with old used key.

lol. i bit frustrated n my last option is dispute in paypal, and after few hours gameflip replied me in mail that my order were cancelled due seller fraud/scam…and gameflip refunded all my funds and paypal payment, so it’s case resolved with help from paypal dispute. lol.

i was selling hypnotik wheels (rocket League) to someone and our schedules did not line up so he opened a dispute to prevent the order from timing out and the sale being completed. it was $3 so it is obviously a smaller sale, but it is still frustrating. we were set to deliver the wheels this weekend. just from your experience as being the one that opened the dispute, can the person who started the dispute end it?


Yes, whoever opened a dispute can close it at any time.