Help with dispute

Hello, I’m making this post about a sale I made in which the buyer disputed claiming that the code was already used. I am certain that my code was not used prior to the sale, and was wondering if you could help me with this issue. The order id is 5382239f-6615-4914-a1ba-df1260f39c67 if it helps, and my invite code is 9SQKYC. Here is the message I received from Steam Support about the code’s activation time

bumping since I haven’t had a response for a while

Hey, there’s really no need for a topic like this. Have you replied to the dispute? Make sure to reply to the dispute and provide all the evidence you have or the dispute could be overturned. It may be taking a while as Gameflip support investigates. I’ve had support tickets take anywhere from a day (Obvious cases) to a few weeks where it was very murky as to which party was in the right.

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Okay thanks for the advice. Any evidence I should add besides the reply from Steam Support about when the card was used?