Help With Dispute Please

Hi. I am in need of some help with an open dispute, where the seller has become non responsive. I’ve seen some forum members have good luck with requesting assistance here. And it looks like support is under a high volume.

My User Code: 7FYYSA
Transaction/order ID: 723a6947-ab3b-4863-93a1-5fa4b6f139ce

I appreciate any assistance that can be offered.

Thanks you in advance.

Gameflip Staff will intervene and make a decision on the dispute if you and the seller cannot come to an agreement, there should be a countdown timer on your purchase details.

Make sure to post any evidence that supports your case in the message window between you and the seller to make it easier for Gameflip staff to make a decision in your favor

Hi Oscar. Thanks for the tips. I have already escalated the purchase to a dispute for support to look at with as much evidence as I could supply. Unfortunately, it has been almost a week since it has been in this disputed state.

I’m hopeful a moderator (@DarkKnight or @MajorTom) can assist with the information provided.

This is a bump. Frustration is beginning to settle in, as the dispute has been open for 9 days, on top of a few days trying to work it out with the seller. My support ticket is also open, but no response from support has been provided.

Please @DunnBiscuit, @DarkKnight, @MajorTom. I would appreciate any assistance. The order ID and my profile code are in the first post.

Hello lmdedgxx,

I checked the dispute and canceled the transaction for you.

A million thanks @MajorTom!

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