Dispute. How long does it take to decide...

Hi there. I made a dispute 6 days ago, and is wondering why there is no response at all! The issue is quite clear as the keys sent to me are not active/not existing, and my proof is also very clear.

So how long does it take, I would really like to have the $100 back on my account, so I can buy something else.

I have been with GF for a few years now, and never had any issues before, but the waiting for no response at all is killing me.

Please look at my case ASAP. My inv. code is: MZ97AM

Thank you.



In next reply please leave transaction ID. Someone of moderators will take a look into your dispute.


Hello again,

I can find an Order ID: 43829278-5a30-4092-a908-fe5eba9de6b9

I hope it is what you need.




I will try to bring this to life once more.

I have a dispute open against a seller, who sold me 3 x $50 XBOX USD, but the codes are not active. This means that the physical cards were not registred in the shop, aka probably stolen!

The dispute has now been open for a week, and I am getting a bit annoyed that my otherwise good experience with Gameflip is being turned into a negative experience.

There has been absolutely no response from Gameflip, and also no response from the seller (that was expected) will you please bring this case to a close, so I can get on with my Gameflip life, and get the bad experience behind us?

My Account ID: MZ97AM
My Order ID: 43829278-5a30-4092-a908-fe5eba9de6b9

Please @DarkKnight or?



Hello Christian_Tyllesen,

After checking your evidence on this, and due to the lack of communication from the seller’s side, I went ahead and canceled this transaction for you.

Hello MajorTom,

A thousand thanks. It is really appreciated :slight_smile:

Now I am all happy again.



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Im at 9 days for my dispute now which ive never had a problem with probably hundreds of purchases and things seem to be getting worse for me since. Now two purchases in a row and im getting hold/pending. Can a moderator help me please

Thank you for your time.

I think they are really backed up right now for whatever reason. I’ve had a fairly obvious case pending for about 9 days now as well. Usually they look into it before the timer even expires to close/solve them.

Just an update they got to the ticket today so hopefully they get to yours soon too!

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