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I was recently scammed by a Seller. I created a dispute for the item and didn’t complete the transaction because the seller didn’t provide me with the code for the item. It was clear that he was trying to scam me so in the dispute I provided the evidence for the dispute and escalated it to Gameflip support, they haven’t answered and I really want to get my money back. Also does anyone know how long it takes for support to answer or review a dispute?

They answer you in 1 or 2 days. contact @DarkKnight or @MajorTom


Even if you place it under dispute, make sure you escalate it. If you don’t, it will auto complete in the sellers favor.

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I escalated it and recieved an email letting me know that I did so. Is there a reason support hasn’t contacted me yet and also can you help me out?

the time will be different from case to the other, one time its took my case 28 day, but most average is 1-15 day as my last case took something like that

I hope its not alot. :frowning:

Hello Daniel_Guzman,

Can you tell me the ticket number for the escalated dispute?

I didn’t receive a ticket number for the escalated dispute, but here’s the order number
25a50c31-2f2e-41dd-be67-f7a228a31b4c. I hope that helps. The email didn’t include the ticket number.


I’ve canceled the transaction for you.

Thanks for canceling it. I appreciate it. I wanted to ask how long does it take for the money to be refunded to my credit card because I checked the balance on the card and the refund is not there yet.


You will receive the funds from the refund into your account approximately 3–10 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated (this time frame all depends on your bank/PayPal and how they handle refunds).

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Hi again, It’s been a couple of days and the refund has yet not appeared in my card. Is there anyone I can contact to help with this issue.

You won’t see a “refund” since it was never charged. What Gameflip did was putting on an “authorization” (permission to charge) on your card. When it was cancelled, the authorization is removed, no funds left your card, and thus, nothing returned.

If you see any “charge” your statement (actual funds left your card), then contact Gameflip right away.

The issue is I was charged but the seller didn’t provide the item so I put a dispute. I won the dispute and was told via email by gameflip the transaction was cancelled thus I would receive a refund. But it’s been more than a week and the funds have not been refunded.

Edit: But yes funds did leave my card.


As I’ve mentioned before, and since this purchase was rescinded, you will receive the funds from the refund into your account approximately 3–10 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated. Seven business days have passed so far, so I suggest that you wait just a little longer.