Dispute not going anywhere

I really need help spent 60 dollars on a fortnite account and he now says rate first so I filed a dispute and it’s not going anywhere when will the support team come in

within 3 days, you can post his profile link with evidence here so we can help you report that seller.

He will be suspended anyhow for selling Accounts.

It is against Gameflip Terms and Conditions so avoid purchasing them.

Please do not close the dispute because that will finalize the purchase and you won’t be able to get a refund. Wait for support to reply and cancel the order for you.

So would I get my money back I’m really worried I won’t and he didn’t even give me it and wants me to first rate

Just relax and be patient. As Galacticarm has said keep the dispute open, do not rate him and support/Moderators will take action.

Another thing I’m not getting receipts or dispute info on my gmail

Can you tell me how long it will take for the dispute be finished

For more evidence you can look in our chat and I sent it to support team

Can you tell me how long the dispute will take so for me to get my money back.

Just ignore what he said, It’s not gonna take long and he’s clearly trying to scam here. As long as he doesn’t deliver or send the wrong item, you are completely protected by Gameflip. Hopefully everybody report him after seeing this.

Edit; By the way, support is slower right now. I’m not sure what’s going on as there used to more listings a few months ago and support was quick at that time.

There’s an influx of PUBG PGI “rate first” scammers, so support has more tickets to review. Again, please don’t close the dispute and just wait for support to cancel the order for you, which may take several business days.

Can’t wait to see them all fall and crying for money here.

I think you sent me the wrong email

It’s not me. Admin see your transaction under dispute so they go ahead and cancel it for you. The seller trying to scam you doesn’t have any code, how can you expect him to send you something?

Hey I wanted you to see that I got the sellers email when the dispute got canceled see how it says hey hq seller that’s the guy who tries to scam me

I think Gameflip sent me the wrong email that should have gone to the seller is there any chance that they could resend the one that was meant for me

I see. It’s surprising that he’s still there although he was reported before others