Helpppp I need help please

Ok so I bought 800 shadowshard from a seller for $10 and it is his first sale, he won’t give me the items until he has received the money but I tried explaining gameflip doesn’t do that, we both want to cancel the transaction but there is no way to do that and I can’t contact customer service please fix this!!!

Hello. Open a dispute. after opening a dispute, he can cancel the transaction . Most likely it is a Scam.How to open a dispute? Should I rate the Seller before receiving my item?

He hasn’t marked it as sent and he won’t give me the items and he also won’t cancel the order so my money is just stuck and there’s nothing i can do, ive only been on gameflip for 1 week and spent $160 please fix this fast or I will spend my money elsewhere.

1)Can I cancel my order?
2)How do I report inappropriate behavior?Most likely it is a Scam, create a ticket.

So I have to wait another 12 hours to cancel?

“Seller sells in” promised day(s) + 12 hrs grace period.

So 16 hours roughly then. After I have received my money back and spent it successfully I’m taking my money elsewhere. I would have been a regular customer spending around $600 a month. Gg gameflip because of your amazingly poor customer service you are losing out.

didn t say " Thanks" :sob:

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Sorry bud just a lil pissed, thank you for your help

You’re taking your business elsewhere because one seller is holding your $10 for a day? You must not do business in many places these days

No. I’m taking my business elsewhere because gameflip should have a better contact centre. If I could actually contact gameflip staff and tell them the situation they could have had this resolved in minutes instead it’s going to take 36 hours total. If that happens on a bigger purchase i.e. $200 then it would be a huge inconvenience they should have something in place to fix it sooner.

The best part about all of this is the other guy is now posting here on the forums complaining about you.

I don’t think the site would be at a loss if either of you left.

Complaining about me for what? I paid instantly

Bruh I spent $160 in a week dealing with legit traders and you think it wouldn’t be even a minor loss to lose me? Do you understand buisiness?

Unfortunately situations such as yours will happen on this site as buying and selling items on Fortnite (Or really any game where trading is possible) is very much uncharted territory. Should you take your business elsewhere? Thats up to you, you came to this site on your own free will and you can definitely leave whenever you want. Threatening the only people that can help you though probably wont help, just have a bit of patience and they will get to you eventually! :blush:

I’m not threatening in any way shape or form, they are not helping in any way shape or form, i have to wait the allotted time and then cancel myself, if they were helping at all in the slightest i wouldn’t be considering leaving.

even if they fix it now with 13 hours left to wait I will have still wasted 23 hours trying to fix something that should be possible to fix in minutes. why is there not an online support structure in place? you cant get any actual help in my situation. I bought something, they inv’d me to a party, they said ‘Wheres the money’ I said ‘gameflip doesnt work like that the transaction has to be complete for funds to be released’ they said ‘i’m not giving you anything until i get money’ i said ‘ok i will cancel the order as gameflip wont pay you until the transaction had been completed’ i then discovered that i couldnt cancel the order on my end. I researched and told him that he could cancel it, he said ‘i’m busy rn i will do it after this’ (this being he was trading epic games accounts with someone and needed to link his account to a new email) I said ‘ok i’ll wait bud.’ i then listened to him literally screaming profanity to his friend because he could not work out how to verify his account through emails. i waited in that party for 53 minutes listening to him scream about this and that scream at me the one time i asked how things were going and if he knew how long it would take to get my money back. he then left, his friend left and he would not respond on gameflip or xbox.
There should be some sort of customer support in place for treatment like that!

There is customer support in place, but in the form of a ticket system or forum moderation. It’s not as fast as you’d probably like but they are here to help regardless. Your problem in particular is actually a pretty simple case and doesn’t even need the support team, you just need the patience to wait the certain number of hours to cancel a trade. The waiting that you are experiencing now is to help both the buyer and the seller. It ensures the seller has enough time to properly ship the item, and it ensures the buyer has a good estimate on when they will receive said item. The support from Gameflip could probably be better, but that can be said about any site and they are always working to improve customer interaction. Thanks for your feedback though, and sorry about the delay!

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-_- thanks

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Hello, hello!

If you still have issues, please, send me your invite code via PM so I can help you further.