Need help, false dispute

i sold and gave away my item, now buyer opens dispute to try and scam me, i provided proof

I need a moderator/admin please help

Order: 1c0ab76a-5405-4e70-907c-8e29e57d9154

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Have you tried making a support ticket at The support team there can help you further.

Yes I did just hoping it would be noticed faster

Hello Brandon_Maravilla,

I see that you have attached the Transaction ID and your Invite Code, great. If you have sold the item, the item must be delivered to the ID given by the buyer. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘and gave away my item’. As @nfsjayiscool has stated, contacting Gameflip Support will help you as much as they can. Please take time to read the Gameflip Guidelines. If you have already delivered to an ID which was not stated anywhere in your Sale on Gameflip, I’m not sure that Gameflip can do anything to get your item back, but can put necessary punishments on the buyers’ account. Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks, Aeralo.

I have sent the item but the buyer left me at the rating process and decided to dispute to get the money and my item

I was just hoping to speed up the process into getting noticed since I have no clue what happens when the Under Dispute timer runs out

Hello Brandon_Maravilla,

If you have sent the item(s) to the ID the buyer provided, with proof of that, then you will be fine. Gameflip will resolve it before the Under Dispute clock finishes.

Thanks, Aeralo.

In the dispute section, there is an area for you to document your proof and upload any images you taken. Providing as much details as possible in there will help the team greatly in their decision. (There is two areas, one for messaging the individual and one for providing proof)

Hello @Brandon_Maravilla,

I understand that you want it to be resolved as fast as possible. However, you have to take into consideration that some sellers try to scam as well. They cannot fasten the process because they have to look into proof from both sides and the time given for them to submit is the dispute timing. Some people might submit near the ending time.

Dispute is for the buyer and seller to come into an agreement where both parties can send proof and try to settle it on their own. If both doesn’t come to an agreement, the buyer can escalate the dispute to be reviewed and decided by the Support Team. Below VVV

Since you asked, if timer runs out and it isn’t resolved, you should contact Support which you already did. As long it’s real and you have proof, you will win. If buyer decides to escalate the dispute, there will be no more timer and the Support team will look into it.

Or if timer runs out and buyer did not do anything, the transaction will be completed.

Reference you can take a look at - What happens when the dispute timer runs out?

This can let you have a better understanding of Dispute vs Escalate - Dispute vs Escalate(when to use)


Thank you for replying, I was just worried that’s all

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