Help with unfair rating (Buyer fails to scam)

Buyer orders an in-game item, tries to scam me after I have delivered his order by opening a false dispute. After realizing that I have recorded the transaction and have screenshots so that his claims get failed he closes dispute. To my surprise, he was still able to leave a bad rating which I would like to be removed

Order id: 9c0960bc-3cdd-4a8d-b154-776d73107d78
my inv code: Q4MFVG
vid link:
buyer’s profile link:

I would have attached dispute chat also but it disappeared without warning after buyer closed the dispute. Im sure support can still access it

It is hilarious how ez it is for a buyer to scam for in-game items… Just launch a dispute after getting ur item, if the seller was smart and recorded everything no problem just cancel the dispute absolutely nothing happens to you… But if the seller was dumb or lazy and not recorded? Enjoy ur free stuff while the seller suffers a most likely account ban

Edit: Turns out this kid has tried to scam other sellers as well he has multiple bad ratings on his profile from sellers complaining of scam, Mods please look into this @Dunnbiscuit

It’s really tiresome recording every trade you do, unless you can implement some automatic way of having a cam recording 24/7? :smiley:

I hope you guys make good profits out of this with all the recording and coordinating with the buyer in a manual process, otherwise it’s a nightmare and I don’t see myself getting into that business at all because of all these scammers.


After further investigating this, I could remove the rating.

Thank you.


Hello @DunnBiscuit . I sent you PM 9 days ago. ( Pm tittle is : Unfair poor rates…) I’m Still waiting for an answer from you .Can you help me :slight_smile: ?

yea its definitely a pain

Never got this PM, can you bump it, or pm me again?


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